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The World is on the Brink. How Can We All Survive?

Let’s tell the truth. We have polluted our own planet with rubbish and it is dying of intoxication. We, people, have become like cancer to our planet, and lots of metastases come from our activities.

Let’s take a look at cities, for example. 200 years ago 2% of the population lived in cities; in the 1950s – 30%; today, if you take the whole of humanity, it’s 55%, and in developed countries, it’s over 80%.
There are now over 30 megacities on the planet.

Rapid population growth: we were 5 billion in 1987 and are now close to 8 billion. This is a disaster. The intoxication of our planet is progressively increasing. If we don’t take action, the situation is catastrophic.

What is the way out? The way out is the Creative Society. Many people support this global project of humanity, but in order to really change the situation, there must be at least 6 billion of us who accept the Creative Society and take action.

We have very little time left during which we can take action, then it will be too late and impossible.

We have a chance to save humanity. We must unite all our human potential and resuscitate the planet. We are able to withstand these deadly challenges, but only together.
Let’s take action!

Watch the full version of the video with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov “The Future? This affects everyone,” a fragment of which is presented in this video.

“The Future? This Affects Everyone”  

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