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Experimental evidence that thought is material and that negative influences on a human come from outside. Where does the emotion arise from? Where do obsessive images appear in the head from? Who imposes negative states and thoughts? What are the third forces? What knowledge about the impact of the image on human consciousness is hidden from the world community and why? How can a person learn to control his thoughts and states?

About experiments on photographing visual images, which we managed to repeat many years later using the method of the scientist, psychiatrist Gennadiy Pavlovich Krokhalev, who once managed to experimentally photograph visual images and hallucinations.

Answers of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov to the questions of scientists who at different times studied the secrets of animal hypnosis, perception of visual images and other phenomena of science.

Answers to questions from subscribers of the Spanish blogger Nacho Roja (YouTube channel Verdad Oculta).

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