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How to avoid tricks and ruses of consciousness which it applies to a human being on the path to spiritual liberation? How to invest attention in spiritual self-development rationally? How to distinguish grains of Knowledge from chaff? Issues of internal search, catharsis, spiritual Life, ways to achieve the state of a deep feeling of joy and love. How to get rid of “soul” suffering in everyday life?

About the silver thread, about the soul, about the structure transformation, about spiritual transformation of a human being.

How to defend oneself from the system? How the system plays on key notions: “trust”, “observer”? What substitutions from the system are concealed in standard “recommendations” and delusions of some people (gurus, teachers, clergymen) who teach other people the spiritual path?

Moreover, in this programme you will find answers to the questions:

– Can consciousness substitute the deepest feelings? Do there exist pseudo-feelings from consciousness?

– Every person waits for great Love. Is it possible to find it? How to achieve the state of inner purity?

– Do nutrition control and breathing exercises influence the process of advancement on the spiritual path?

– Why is a person unable to remember his state when he was in the womb? When does memory begin to develop in a child? What is memory?

– What kind of special effects can there be from consciousness which indicate an error in the system, and is this worth paying attention to?

– Why do anger and rejection arise in people?

– Why do they say that time cures?

– What is the power of attention as an equivalent of vital energy?

– What is the difference between spiritual practice and meditation?

– How to direct attention to a contact with the Spiritual World?

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