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Troye and Jessica (USA). Social survey within “The Future is Now” project on the ALLATRA platform

Unique Event

SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE, May 11th, 2019. International Conference on ALLATRA IPM platform

On May 11th, 2019, a unique event of global importance – the international video conference “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” took place on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement.

In this social survey within the framework “THE FUTURE IS NOW” project Troye and Jessica from USA shares their understanding of a creative and constructive society.

They share ideas that in our society we can spread  resources evenly all over the world so all people would have everything needed to have a comfortable living.

People should understand each other more, and be a little more empathetic.

We need to think of ourselves as a global society, all countries should help each other and not waste money on wars.

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