True Care. Psychology. Discovering the Truth

In this episode of the project “Psychology. Discovering the Truth”, the issue of care is discussed. Since this is a fairly common question in personal consultations with psychologists, and in the comments under our videos it has also repeatedly appeared. The project team decided to explore this topic in more detail and discuss what care is in its true meaning.

Watch in this episode of “Psychology. Discovering the Truth”:

  • what care is and how does it relate to love
  • what is the difference between true care and fuss
  • how calmness helps one to care
  • why care brings so much anxiety
  • caring as a form of manipulation
  • how the dual human nature is reflected in care
  • why the conditions of consumer society stimulate an urge for domination in people
  • how to care without violating another person’s right of choice

There are still a sufficient number of gaps in psychology, which do not favor effective resolution of people’s requests. So, friends, let’s get to the bottom of topical issues and discover the Truth together!

Send your questions and suggestions to the project email address and write in the comments below the video.


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