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True Heroes

People are not born heroes, they become true heroes! How to cope with doubts and believe in oneself? How to stop the bad in oneself and develop the good? What is our attention, and what is its mighty power? How to become free and happy? How can one influence changes in the world by changing oneself?

The past year has shown how many people individually are capable of changing a lot, and how much changes when there are a lot of such people. If humanity unites based on its spiritual nature and on universal human values (this is what all the prophets spoke about), its capacities will become infinite. Such a humanity will have a future!

“You should merely step over your own thought, over your consciousness that says “no”, while you feel that it is “yes”. You feel that it is necessary. Take a step — and the world will change. There are many people who have taken a step. And this gives hope. So far, only this is saving our world, which could have ended a very long time ago, but it continues. It actually continues thanks to such people, the true heroes of modern times.” Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

This concerns everyone. Who are the true heroes of humanity? These are the people who take care of the present and the future of humanity and create everything possible for the Life of humanity. They are those who become free in spirit and gain Real Life by their actions and deeds.


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