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True Love is an inner connection to God!

The Spiritual World is one and indivisible. Is there a hierarchy in the Spiritual World? Why is it so difficult for a human to understand the simple truth about the World of God?

What can cause our whole world and all of humanity to perish? Why is it important to stop satan in our heads and in the heads of others so that we can build the Creative Society? Why is it difficult for a person with a market mentality to understand what we are talking about? Where are we being “brainwashed” in today’s society?

If you want to Live, meaning, to find Eternal Life, what should you prepare for on the path of self-knowledge? Is it worth working on yourself to become Alive, and what will you gain at the end of your journey? What is more valuable to God: all humanity or one Angel?

An ancient wisdom says: “The one who sees a slave in a person is a slave himself; the one who sees a liar in a person is himself a liar; the one who sees a human in a person is a human.” And what does God see in a person?

What is sincere Love and connection with the Spiritual World? What is it like – a real spiritual practice? Can window dressing, outward show and theatricality be a spiritual practice? What is true Love capable of?

Watch the full version of the video “NOT FOR EVERYONE!” with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, an excerpt of which is presented in this video.


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