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Truth ABOUT LIFE AFTER DEATH | International Round Table

On May 22nd, 2021, an event took place that put everything in its place. People around the world learned the truth about the after-death fate of a human, at the international online conference “Life after Death. Fiction and Facts”. Thanks to this global conference, which brought together scientists, doctors, clergymen, and eyewitnesses, answers to the most topical questions for every person have been found. Who is a human being? What are we here for? And what will happen after death?

On May 23rd, at 15.00 GMT, an international round table on the topic “The Truth ABOUT LIFE AFTER DEATH” will be held. During the live broadcast, questions about the importance of revealing the subject of the after-death fate for each human and society as a whole will be raised.

  • How does an expanded consideration of the issue of life after death affect the vector of society’s development?
  • How important is it to create conditions for building the Creative society in which there will be no substitutions?

Owing to the selfless work of many people across the world, the truth is revealed and frees society from thousands of years of shackles. We kindly invite you to watch the conference “Life after Death. Fiction and Facts

Video “Life after Death


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