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Two Paths

There are two paths, as Bodhidharma said in his time: there is a simple path of attaining Life eternal, and there is a path of Service if we really embark on the spiritual path. Discipline, aspiration and elementary skills — all this combined is what leads to victory. When our body is loaded when primary and secondary consciousnesses are focused, a human as a Personality gains more freedom. It doesn’t matter how many people and whom you defeat in this world; if you don’t defeat your own demon, you will lose. Therefore, victory over yourself is much more important. Because only victory over yourself actually gives you Life, Life Eternal.

Everything is temporary except Life Eternal and God’s Love. Understanding and knowing the simple Truth, a person can easily reach the heavenly gate, and not just reach it, but also enter it. A person can gain Life during his lifetime.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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