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Two Reasons to Worry about Tomorrow. One Global Solution | International Roundtable

After the international online conference “Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone”, which took place on July 24, 2021, and was broadcasted worldwide with interpretation in 72 languages, many people have realized the need for decisive action and are already raising awareness of the world population about the global changes taking place in all spheres of human life. International round tables conducted by volunteers from different countries are a direct continuation of the conference and reveal its particular topics.

On September 6, 2021, an international roundtable will be held on the platform of ALLATRA TV, which will cover the following issues:

  • Why is the Creative Society the only solution and lifesaver in the current disastrous situation of climate, ecology and the consumerist format of society?
  • How important is it to speak up, deliver information and engage the media around the world to expose the truth about the world situation and that the Creative Society is the only solution?
  • What is the reality of the climate situation in India? What role does a global unification of people on one platform such as the Creative Society play in tackling the problem itself, rather than its consequences around the world?
  • What is the true cause of climate change on Earth?

Right now it is important for all of us, all of humanity, not to remain silent about what is happening and to communicate vitally important information to all people. Because only together, uniting the whole world, can we endure and build the Creative Society in which the value of each person’s life comes first.

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