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Tyranny in the Family and Society. Game of Professionals. What is Consciousness Film 6

World statistics show that the number of domestic violence victims is comparable to losses in military conflicts. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are subjected to both physical and psychological abuse in their own homes, at work, and in public places. And all those thousands of people are silent. Why is this happening?

  • Why is there still slavery in society and families? 
  • What is the true nature of a tyrant? 
  • How to overcome fear and begin to act? 
  • How not to be silent?
  • How to get liberated from the slavery of one’s consciousness? 
  • Promotion of violence and tyranny in mass media and computer games. Their consequences. 
  • The role of the choice of a person who has become a hostage to a family despot and life circumstances: to surrender and become a tyrant oneself or to preserve humanity and Win.

An example of the triumph of Kindness and Love in Liza Shilkova’s story. The girl who was able to worthily pass through the horror of despotism and aggression on the part of her father, brother, and husband, not to give up, find the strength in herself and change her destiny.

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