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Unfolding the Nuclear Chemistry with Dr. Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt | ALLATRA LIVE

Live on ALLATRA TV Professor of chemistry Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt, Director of The scientific and technical Center for the study of Actinoids at the University of Florida (USA).
We talked about nuclear chemistry, solid state chemistry, synthesis and catalysis with Dr. Albrecht-Schmitt.
  • How does the process of obtaining new chemical elements occur? How stable are they
  • What is their practical application?
  • How does it happen that a certain combination of neutrons, protons, and electrons is arranged in a certain way, and this sets all the physical and chemical properties? Where is the program (information) for forming a chemical element stored?
  • Is it possible to create a material that would effectively neutralize ionizing radiation?
  • What is a Creative society and what can science be with such a Creative society?
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