Unique effect on blood. PYRAMID Experiment

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The conversation was conducted by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

This documentary film shows the unusual experiment on the effect on human blood with the use of “PYRAMID” apparatus. What is the difference between a healthy and a sick person? What is the secret of rejuvenation and aging of the body? What unique information (that advanced beyond even the modern science) is set forth in the ancient treatise “The Omnipotence” including information on human health, true history of humankind, the visible and invisible world for a person and shadows that are being controlled. About the author of the treatise “The Omnipotence”- sheikh Mir Sayyid Bereke (Baraka) who was a spiritual advisor to Central Asian famous ruler and conqueror Timur (Tamerlane) in the XIV-XV centuries.

Unique information about the Allat Sisters, of their assistants-Allathyara, the origin of Allahyara family, and about the “Golden Millennium”. About that which has been hidden from the majority of people for a long time.

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