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Urgent Announcement from Scientist: The World is on the Brink of Catastrophe

Emergency Address from Renowned Scientist Egon Cholakian, a recognized expert in climate change and national security matters. In his statement, Egon Cholakian highlights the alarming evidence of rapid global climate change on Earth and the exponential increase in climate catastrophes worldwide, which could lead to the inevitable demise of all humanity in the near future.

Egon Cholakian draws the global community’s attention to a critical issue of our time: “It is evident that the Earth is experiencing a rapid escalation of extreme climatic and geodynamic events. There is a significant rise in the occurrence and magnitude of seismic, volcanic, hydrological, atmospheric, gravitational, and thermal anomalies.”

In response to the prevailing situation, Egon Cholakian proposes the only practical path that will lead to significant changes in the global community, address current climate issues, and, most importantly, ensure the salvation of humanity from a global climate catastrophe.

Egon Cholakian is a qualified Particle Physicist, affiliated with the preeminent CERN particle physics laboratory as a Future Circular Collider technology developer. Collaborates in the arrangement of NASA’s NISAR mission. A member of the International Association of Intelligence Educators and an international tax Law professional. Served as a Legislative Tax Analyst attached to the President’s Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy under President Nixon and President Ford. Worked with the Reagan Kitchen Cabinet, and Reagan White House within President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative project. In total, Egon Cholakian worked with four U.S. Presidents. Currently serves as a federal lobbyist at The U.S. Congress and White House. Egon Cholakian has emerged as a prominent voice on climate change and national security-related matters.

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