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Urgent Appeal to Biden, Xi Jinping, and Putin by Egon Cholakian

A shocking open appeal by a scientist to the three world leaders: US President Mr. Joseph Biden, President of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping, and President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin.

Interdisciplinary scientist Egon Cholakian, who’s been working with Harvard University, CERN and NASA, and closely cooperated with four US presidents, urgently addressed world leaders and mass media on the issue of supranational security. In his emergency public appeal, Egon Cholakian emphasized the scale of the climate threat which humanity is facing today and pointed out the impotence of individual countries when trying to cope with the current climatic cataclysms and the consequences of those on their own. Addressing the three world leaders, Egon Cholakian emphasized that only global consolidation of efforts will give all of humanity a chance to prevent a planetary-scale disaster which is less than ten years away.

In his open appeal, Egon Cholakian proposed specific practical steps that can already be taken today for saving people’s lives. As Egon Cholakian said, addressing the three world leaders, “The fate of the whole world is in your hands today. Everything depends on your collective decision. If you find the strength to unite and take timely measures, humanity will have a future”.

➡️ This video is published on our channel because it contains extremely important information on solving the climate crisis, which concerns the survival of the entire humankind.

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