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URGENT! Climatic CATASTROPHES of 2019: Floods, Droughts and MELTING GLACIERS


Climate. The Future is Now

Sharp climate change. What should everyone know? How to survive tomorrow? The programme, which acutely raises vital topics of climate change on the planet and warns about the upcoming events.

Impending cataclysms. Relationships between people. Revival of Humaneness

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It is coming. Се грядёт.

Inevitability of the serious upcoming climate changes, the global nature and magnitude of which one can see today over the whole planet, makes everyone face the necessity of the personal choice. Already in the nearest future, THIS will concern everyone.


The value of life on the verge of events that are changing the world. What disaster is coming upon humanity? What will happen in the nearest years? What problems of survival will the overwhelming majority of people living today face?

On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems

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Long-lasting rains and floods are followed by abnormal heat and long droughts even within one and the same region. The climate change is normal for people. And these changes couldn’t be called smooth and gradual. The number of countries which are facing such contrasts are growing even in the same region. The impacts of rough weather are becoming more aggressive and unpredictable, which endangers the lives of many people. AllatRa TV volunteers contacted eyewitnesses of large-scale flooding in the Irkutsk Region to talk about the consequences people had to face with. In June 2019, floods occurred in almost all parts of the world – Europe, America, Asia, and Africa:

  • Great Britain, SWITZERLAND and Poland
  • Hungary, ROMANIA and Serbia
  • Brazil, Uruguay and USA
  • Malaysia, Indonesia and China
  • Russian Federation and Libya

Abnormal heat in India and Kuwait, Droughts in Namibia and Angola: Drought and anomalous heat wave have been causing the food crisis and water shortages in Namibia and Angola for more than a year. Every year this problem is getting worse. This year there was not enough rain in Angola to compensate for the lack of water after a long drought. More than two million people are struggling to survive under these conditions. The drying up of rivers and the lack of drinking water are forcing people to abandon agriculture and livestock production. Nobody’s insured against the conditions which these people were caught in. Climatic changes and their consequences cannot be undone. The denial of this fact is just a waste of precious time. Billions of climate refugees around the world are today’s reality. ALLATRA TV reporter at the scene will tell more about another region were the catastrophe of global scale is growing slowly but surely. Rapid Melting of Glaciers in Himalayan and Hindu Kush mountain systems. One third of the Himalayan glaciers are disappearing and it can lead to famine, drought, lack of drinking water and mass migration of local people. Just from the example of this single region, the lives of more than one and a half billion people are at risk.