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A very important programme for all who really work on themselves in each day, who aspire to learn to control their consciousness and to Live as Personality. Valuable spiritual advice on how to overcome oneself. Answers to questions that are frequently encountered by people who follow the spiritual path. How not to pretend to be a good person, but to actually be one? What is Conscience? What is holistic perception of Personality? How to Live instead of surviving? What should you do if consciousness imposes despondency on you and immobilizes you? How does it substitute via its programs that it is you? What to do when consciousness disputes and substitutes the spiritual essence, seeks magic and power? How to keep consciousness in check? How to prevent aggression and secret manipulation by consciousness in oneself?

How to create conditions in oneself for Personality to mature? How does the transfer of information with an imprint of perception through feelings take place? What is the state of enlightenment and salvation: truth and fiction? How do a group and the society change when a person himself changes? Why do people from different countries of the world get inspired and inspirited by the international projects and conferences of ALLATRA International Movement which unite the world? How do people share their spiritual riches with each other?

“If you do feel and understand, then Live, just Live. And it doesn’t matter whether the system gets activated or not. Everything can easily be overcome! This already becomes its problem, but not yours. Everything is very easy. When you indeed sincerely Live by the Spiritual World, in this Love, in this happiness, then the system simply has no access, it is powerless.”

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

AllatRa TV

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