Monday, December 16, 2019
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ALLATRA TV Interview for Nacho Rojo, Spain blogger | VERDAD OCULTA

The videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, which are released on ALLATRA TV International Volunteer Channel are causing a widespread response among...

Azra Firzadh Asangany, Minister Counsellor Embassy of Malaysia in Ukraine. Parade of Nations 2019

A unifying international event took place in Kiev - The Parade of Nations 2019, organized by Fashion of Diplomacy magazine. This time 40 countries...

Archaeology Time Cucuteni–Trypillian Culture

Signs and symbols are all around us, they’re everywhere we go. And the further we’re looking into our past, the more we get to...


Peruquois is a well-known Australian singer, uniting music of various genres in her creativity, taking their origins in different parts of the World –...

We feel Your Love

God is One! «We are all brothers and sisters! And our Home is Planet Earth. When only Love unites all people, This Home becomes...

The future is now! How to start taking action? TOGETHER people can do a lot!

AllatRa International Public Movement participants were invited to the formal reception of the Islamic Republic of Iran embassy in Ukraine.Many guests were present at...

From books by A. Novykh


New Knowledge in the report PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS

New Knowledge in the report PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS You are a student or a young scientist? And are searching for grain of knowledge in various...

Find the crystal source of your Soul. From the book “Sensei” by A. Novykh

Excerpt from the book 'Sensei of Shambala' by Anastasia Novykh The only way to understand your soul is through internal love, through moral purification...

What happens during meditation. From the book “AllatRa”.

This video describes processes which take place during meditation and altered state of consciousness. Humans have choice to experience this world from two two...

Soul in the structure of a human being. From the book “AllatRa”

The Soul. What is the human soul? Photo of the human Soul from the book "AllatRa". What is a Personality, and a subpersonality? What...