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Visitors from the invisible world.

The invisible world exists. Our eyes do not see everything that surrounds us. There is something out there, and it lives in the shadows. For many, this phrase can cause a smirk, but everything is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. Some people, on the contrary, are very afraid of the darkness and even sleep with the light turned on. And why? What do they feel? Those people who have experienced a meeting with those who live in the shadows, on personal experience know that there are certain ethereal beings. They have a lot of names. Some people call them demons, who come in a dream or in a half-light.

From the program “CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. From inevitably dead to the eternally alive“:

Tatiana: Indeed, from century to century the same thing. The same thoughts in the mind of a person that tempt him, manipulate him. And there are so many examples in literature, especially in religious literature, when the same phenomena were simply called by different names. For instance, in the Zoroastrianism, they were simply called “devas”, in Islam these same phenomena were called “genies”, and in the Christianity – “demons” or “demons of passion, pride, desires.”

Igor Mikhailovich: “Demons” – that’s how they were called in the past. We can now speak another language – the language of IT-technologies. We can call it programs. Why? Again, consciousness is still a field structure. This is easier to understanding, simpler to a modern person.

This is a field structure, created programs, which, when getting into our consciousness, are invoked (opened) in a computer, and start running. And if we looked at them, let’s say, focused our attention or put power of our attention. We performed an action, we activated this program, and it starts to execute, as simple as that … But imagine how it was possible to explain it to people before: “devas” – some invisible beings that come and seduce you. Well, it’s just words again. Time will pass, it will be called differently. The point is that nothing changes, the essence is something like this: you do not lead this process, you are governed. And there is no difference what you were seduced with, the help of some kind of virus program or with the help of some kind of “deva”. The main thing is that you are tempted. And if you are tempted, then you are a slave.

Jeanne: But when you have knowledge, you can live differently.

Igor Mikhailovich: We must live differently. In general, in order to Live, you need to act differently.

This topic was classified as “banned”, despite the fact that from ancient time many were interested in it. Nowadays, thanks to digital technologies, this started slightly to be illuminated. Moreover, when a person develops spiritually, he begins to notice this. And, often, he is horrified by a collision with unknown phenomena, but at the same time begins to understand that in this world we are not alone. In short, all that is needed from a person to those whom we do not see is the life force (Allat). It is given to people for Life, for spiritual liberation. And demons basically want to eat. Because sexual energy is the forerunner of Allat forces, it is what these creatures hunt for. Often, we waste it. People should know and study that invisible world, then it is much easier to understand why aggressive thoughts come to mind and how to deal with them. Everyone makes his own choice to believe it or not in that.

AllatRa TV released a program called “THE INVISIBLE WORLD” on this topic. It describes in details who is coming, why, what are the consequences of these “visits” and how to get rid of them. I can say for myself that this kind of “guests” do not bring joy. Rather, on the contrary, after such “meetings” the state is depressed, consciousness narrows down, the negative thoughts begin to circulate, the feeling of pressure in the chest develops. Those who are engaged in spiritual practices already know that squeezing in the solar plexus area is a cut off of communication between Personality and the Soul. Sense of insecurity and panic attack develops.

Igor Mikhailovich: As long as a person has at least some connection as a Personality with what we call the Soul, or some call it a portal, with the Spiritual world, the person is more or less calm, and he reacts calmly to such things. But as soon as this connection blocked, we immediately fall under the power of those who are hiding in the shadows.

From the program “THE INVISIBLE WORLD” (0:30:26)

When I watched that show, I recalled a few moments in my life and decided to share with you what happened to me. If I remember correctly, I was about 15 years old. I sat by the TV until midnight. I watched a fiction movie about adventures, an ancient manuscript, about good and evil, about deadly weapons and the desire of man to become the master of the world. There were scenes of murder, blood, many snakes, in general, the film was eerie and very emotional. It was a bit scary to sleep, but nevertheless, turning off the TV, I tried to fell asleep. What happened next seems like a fantasy or a dream, but the sensations were real. At a distance of an outstretched hand, a huge, thick serpent looked at me with eerie eyes. I felt cold and was terribly frightened, then it crawled into me, while I was experiencing incredible sexual arousal. Absolutely not resisting, being in a daze, I experienced an orgasm. In the morning, doubts arose, I could not remember and understand whether it was real or just had a nightmare. After this incident, frequent fantasies and self-satisfaction began, after which there were a depressive state and devastation. This went on for a long time and I do not remember how I was able to get rid of that.

Fast forward many years from that incident, there was another case, similar to the one which the participant of the meeting spoked about in the program “Invisible World”. This happened when I began to practice meditation and spiritual practices but did not work on myself. At that time, I divorced my husband, and my lover also left me. I did not admit anyone to myself, I did not want to meet anyone and hated all men without exception. For a long time before going to bed, I was engaged in self-satisfaction imagining the image of an ideal man who would never hurt me. Every time I felt pressure in the chest and the reality of the image as if it was a “living person”, and he was near. Then there was a devastation, but the desire to have pleasure was very strong. After that, the state of depression and self-pity increased and I cried every day. All the time I thought only about how unhappy I was, although I had everything, and I cannot say that something was missing in my life. I wanted specifically that ideal man, and if I do not have him – then I am the unhappiest one in the world. I had chronical pain ill in the back of the neck and head, and my body was constantly tired. Even the thought began to come that I do not want to live and I do not need to anyone. This lasted for several months and became unpleasant, but familiar. I wanted to live less and less. In my head, there were pictures of me jumping down from the window of the skyscraper.

Igor Mikhailovich: … when a burning thought comes, and all attention narrows down to the dot, and it seems that it’s pointless to live, then such thoughts will not come from a good one. Such thoughts come only, say, from those who are hiding in the shadows. Or from whomever controls these shadows. There can be no morality here and no feelings or something else cannot be. Just those we do not see, they want to eat. It’s all just due to their hunger.

From the program “The Invisible World”  (0:24:46)

Fortunately, someone gave me the book “AllatRa” and I started going with a friend to a group lessons on meditations, where the guys also studied consciousness, watched their thoughts, shared their personal experiences. At one of these classes, someone asked a question about what to do when you are sexually aroused, but do not want to have sex, do not want to feel emptied. One guy said that at that moment you need to move and concentrate your attention on the point in the solar plexus area. As in the practice of “Lotus Flower”. At that time, I already was bored by my condition, I really wanted to get rid of it. When I came home and went to bed, arousal appeared again. I directed all my attention to the area of the solar plexus, and I felt the chest bursting with Love, with some unearthly grace. I seemed to inhale with the air tenderness, happiness, and joy at the same time. It became so good and calm. As a child in the arms of my mother. It felt as if I was in love, and was receiving love back to me, but there were no images. There was no devastation, but on the contrary, there was a feeling of fullness, I wanted to Live. Then the thought of how it happened came up, and this wonderful feeling disappeared. A few days later, I again seemed to be checked on hardness of the decision to get rid of annoying sexual games with an invisible partner. The feeling of freedom in the solar plexus was so strong and pleasant that there was no desire to change it to devastation. And I realized that the “guests” came only because I liked it. I firmly decided not to play more in these games. Depression dissolved – as it never happened, and I was happy again in life.

Igor Mikhailovich: A person must develop spiritually in order to be free. Otherwise, this is not freedom. Consciousness says that you are free, that you can make a choice. You can. In strictly limited by these creatures and consciousness framework. Take a step to the side – it will tell you something completely different. But when a person, spiritually free, develops, and begins to feel, understand and see everything, and make a really free choice: who to feed and not to feed. There comes an understanding of what consequences it is expected after such feeding. Well, it is, in any case, honest, in my opinion. If a person permanently changes the short-term benefits for the future, for that happiness, for that love that is true, this is his personal choice, no one can contradict it. If you want – live material, exist a short time. If you want to find Life Eternal, find. But you have to fight for it. It’s just that it does not happen on its own. And this is what we are trying to explain. That’s what we are trying to convey to you, guys, telling and showing. Why? Because there is too much information flow. We are born in such conditions of information load, where the truth is edited, where it is replaced.

From the program “THE INVISIBLE WORLD” (0:38:31)

What to do in a situation when in a dream or in reality certain entities come? How does a person can try to get rid of them? What usually in such cases done? He either goes to a psychotherapist or to a neurologist, where he is prescribed a bag of medicine. While he takes it, condition will somehow ease, but not for long. Either he resorts to the services of an exorcist, but in practice, all this does not work. No one can help a man – he called the demons himself and should get rid of them himself too. To get rid of such a being you need to make a firm decision for yourself, choose a different position. Seek help from the Spiritual world. Become the true Love. This does not mean to fall in love with this demon. It means to sincerely love God with the whole Soul. Give the power of attention to the pleasant feelings that arise in the solar plexus area. Dissolve in this bliss. There is no fear in this Love. And then not a single demon can do anything to the man. Because there is no power above the Spiritual.

Igor Mikhailovich: When there is an attack of any aggressive nature, what should be done? The best way is like in the Lotus, the purity of Love. Just open up in Love, and you will see how strong it is. That is, one should not hide behind a certain action, but must immediately proceed from the Personality, from the depth, precisely from this Love. It does not mean to love this being, no, one must become Love himself, and it will jump off instantly, as if from a fire. And by the way, at such behavior, as a rule, it will not attack anymore. They say, once burned, the second time they do not want to.

From the program “THE INVISIBLE WORLD”  (2:08:00)

A couple of days ago, before dawn, I had a dream, in which I was forced to think that I was terribly tired morally and physically and I needed an external support in the form of a man. And then, out from nowhere – the image of my ex-husband appeared, who allegedly returned to me for good. In a dream, I was surprised, but nevertheless, then I was delighted as I will have more time now, he would help me in the house. And then he gathers, leaves, and asks me for money at the door. I immediately woke up in an emotional state, with the thought that I was again deceived. But I remembered the phrase of one good person: “Only God does not betray and do not deceive.” Emotion, was blown away and peace and Love emerged in the Soul.

Igor Mikhailovich: No one will ever break the law. If you are not ready for that, and if you do not want to, then sorry, no demon, no devil, no matter what anyone tells you, will not come to you. He will come only when you have betrayed God. That’s when you betray Him, of course, you open the doors to evil spirits. That’s where it all starts.

From the program “The Invisible World”  (0:54:40)

I realized that in the dream was just another test of my loyalty, loyalty to God. Why do I betray Him? God cares about me every minute. What do I choose, temporary illusory pleasure or Eternity? Why do I need an illusion? Do I really want to be dead? No, I’m thirsty to live! This indescribable feeling of Love for God – it is true, tender, unforgettable and every time new, it is unique and that’s fine. It glares all colors like dew in the sun. This feeling is Alive, it is filled with Eternity. And all that I need is to go confidently to the light, without any doubt. To go without regret, without stopping and wasting time on any illusions of the material world. I love … Thank you …

The questions were answered by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

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