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Volcanic Eruption of Stromboli. Hurricanes: USA and Italy. What is Happening to the GULF STREAM?


Climate. The Future is Now

Sharp climate change. What should everyone know? How to survive tomorrow? The programme, which acutely raises vital topics of climate change on the planet and warns about the upcoming events.

Impending cataclysms. Relationships between people. Revival of Humaneness

The Truth is One for Everyone. Release topic: The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness. Unique conversation with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov In the program release, the...

It is coming. Се грядёт.

Inevitability of the serious upcoming climate changes, the global nature and magnitude of which one can see today over the whole planet, makes everyone face the necessity of the personal choice. Already in the nearest future, THIS will concern everyone.


The value of life on the verge of events that are changing the world. What disaster is coming upon humanity? What will happen in the nearest years? What problems of survival will the overwhelming majority of people living today face?

On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems

The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” was read out by Kristina...

Watch in “Breaking News” broadcast:

  • volcanic eruption of Stromboli and Etna (Italy);
  • eruption of Ubinas volcano (Peru).
  • 6.6-magnitude earthquake in the northwest Australia
  • several earthquakes in Indonesia, the strongest of the shocks – of 7.3 magnitude
  • strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake in Papua New Guinea.
  • tropical storm Barry hit the coast of Louisiana state, USA
  • strong hurricane hit Adriatic Sea coast. The disaster affected Italy, Croatia and Montenegro
  • Albacete and Valencia cities hit by a severe hailstorm accompanied by a violent storm (Spain). According to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), such a severe hailstorm has not been seen in the city since May 2007.
  • in Mexico the height of the hail in some places reached one and a half meters.
  • continuous floods in China. Abundant precipitation has destroyed the routine of more than 3.93 million people in the central province of Hunan. In total in 377 rivers water level was exceeded.
  • In the west of Japan the highest level of alert was raised due to torrential rains, that started in the beginning of July. More than one million people were evacuated initially. In Nagasaki prefecture, more than 35 thousand residents were called for voluntary evacuation due to increasing scales of the force of nature as a result of upcoming Danas typhoon.
  • Giant tornado struck the Chinese city of Kaiyuan. The wind speed reached 83 км/ч (51.6 mph). Unfortunately, injuries and casualties were reported.
  • In 68 years of observation, the world ocean’s temperature reached its peak in 2018, reports a scientific study published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences. What does this mean and what consequences will we have to face?
  • One of the largest rivers on Earth and the longest river in Europe lost its banks with its major tributaries:  Kama, Kazanka, Sviyaga

The Gulf Stream, which brings warm climate to Europe and North America began to slow down and deviate to the east. This has been happening as a result of melting of Greenland glaciers and desalination of the ocean. What it can lead to and what consequences does it entail?

Allatra TV reporters interviewed a member of the Magdeburg City Council Sören Herbst from Germany. Watch the interview about climate in German.

People share their personal observations of the rapid climate changes in their regions. They share their understanding of the importance of unification now, so we can overcome these changes together. Also, they are highlighting the importance of raising such topics and issues in society, informing people.

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