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Voodoo Sorcerer Valentin Roganov: About Marriage With Ghosts and Magic Trance

What is voodoo? What is not written about it on the Internet? Let us discover the answers from a mage and voodoo Rit Makaya sorcerer Valentin Roganov. His practice includes elements of witchcraft, Buddhist tantra techniques, and hypnosis.

Valentin has told us about the differences between Haitian and African voodoo and shared his magic practice and how he came to it. After visiting Haiti, Valentin returned home, already having support from powerful allies in the world of spirits.

Watch in today’s episode:

– what is special about the magic trend of Rit Makaya,
– marriage with ghosts: what a mage gets from a union with cemetery spirits,
– who is allowed to use blood in rituals, and why it is better not to neglect safety during blood practices,
– what are kickbacks and ricochets in magic, and how to avoid them,
– the best place for a mage to work in a city,
– how evil spirits benefit from working with mages,
– how effective love spells work,
– how to get rid of invisible settlers, and many more.

The guest of our section looks at magic as a way of living with its own set of rules, violation of which entails serious responsibility. The responsibility is usually shared by both a sorcerer and the person who addressed him.

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