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Warning of Pyramids! Change of 12,000 years cycle. The beginning of disasters!

What does connect Orion constellations with Giza pyramids and Draco constellation with architecture monument Angkor Wat? The pendulum reached extreme position, what does it mean?
What is the warning from ancient people for modern humanity?
Did civilizations exist before us and what happened with them?
What was the purpose of building pyramids in strictly defined coordinates?
Pyramids of Bosnia, how old are they?
12000 years ago disaster proof.

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Earth is on the verge of global change. What does modern human know about it? What is said in scientific world? What role does humanity itself play in these processes?
What global disasters occurred 12000 years ago on Earth? What are confirmations of that? What do scientists say? What is the origin of Piri Reis map?
Why did mammoths froze instantly?
Was Antarctica in its present place in relation to equator always? What has changed the look of the planet?
Consequence of what cycles global disasters are? What kinds of cycles do exist?
Is Earth dependent of cosmic cycles?

Today as never before we are not simply spectators, but direct participants in events. So everyone of us is responsible for total humanity survival.

As said in report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”
Large-scale natural disasters, which take place cyclically on the planet, have repeatedly occurred in the history of the Earth and human civilization. But what lessons are taught by this scientific knowledge, which testifies to former global tragedies? Natural disasters have no “frontiers”, these artificially created conventions, which were invented by rulers to divide people and to have power over them. The consequences and disasters that bring worldwide cataclysms extend far beyond “focal” specific state and, in one way or another, apply to all the inhabitants of the Earth.
…People must cast away all the boundaries and conventions; they need to become consolidated here and now. Nature does not look at titles and ranks when it unleashes its millennial anger, and only a manifestation of true brotherhood between people based on human kindness can give humanity a chance for survival…

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