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We can have great future with our young and creative generation

The AllatRa TV team from Nikolaev had a pleasure to shoot an interview with a belly dance teacher and performer Alla Kushnir within the framework of The Creative Society Project.

Alla supports the initiative of ALLATRA International Public Movement to build a Creative Society. She said that she would definitely like to live in such a society. She calls it perfect because this society is aimed at providing great opportunities for humanity, such as free and high-qualify healthcare and education, 4-hour working day and 4-day work week, the remaining free time available for people to spend with their families or take part in social projects and so on.

 “The perfect society, the perfect style, lifestyle is life without competition”

Alla also shares what True Love means for her. She’s sure that Love is exactly that grain which unites all people all over the world.

In the interview Alla Kushnir describes the world where she would feel happy and this world is like special harmony inside of you, according to her. In her opinion we need to pay attention to more simple things. She  also believes that our young and creative generation which cares about health and spiritual mood can start a good future.

“We have a very creative generation, a young generation which cares about health, body and spiritual mood. So, I think we have a good future because the new generations are very powerful in those things”

Alla agreed that it is very important for us, people, to unite and help each other especially if some people or countries are suffering from disasters. In her opinion we have one land and we walk on the same ground and the Sun shines for all of us the same way and we breathe the same oxygen.

“If we push a little bit we could change big things”

In the end Alla wished to the AllatRa TV audience, to her fans and to all people in the world to connect together and make this world much better.


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