We feel Your Love

God is One!
«We are all brothers and sisters!
And our Home is Planet Earth.
When only Love unites all people,
This Home becomes a Blossomed World!»
I sincerely share my innermost with you, my friends!

The search for the meaning of life, led me to the “ALLATRA” Knowledge which is set forth in the books of Anastasia Novykh as well as in programs with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. All our lives we search for the Source that gives us endless freedom and love. This Source is in each of us, this is what unites us and gives Eternal Life – Life with God! Thanks to Primordial Knowledge, I felt the need in cognizing God, in cognizing myself as a particle of something greater and infinite. In Love and Joy, I felt the need to share this happiness with everyone, just the way it is. This native feeling inspires to actions.

One sunny, clear day, I took my guitar with me. I was surrounded by nature. I was so peaceful and silent, the waters of the river sparkled in the sun. In this simplicity, I felt Him. Love for Him is so strong that everything else has disappeared. At that moment, love to God started to pour out into words and melodies, which somehow expressed those feelings of gratitude and unity with Him. So, this is how the song was written

AllatRa TV

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