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On May 7, 2022, a landmark and decisive event for all humankind occurred: the international online Forum “Global Crisis. We Are People. We Want to Live.” This is the truth and expression of the will of progressive humanity that has resounded throughout the world! The Forum is intended to unite all people on the planet in achieving a common goal – the building of the Creative Society!

The Forum left no one indifferent. This unique event inspired the hearts of so many people! People who care about the destiny of all humanity, the destiny of our common planet! And they strive to get the word out to all other people. Everyone is doing his or her best: some people talk to acquaintances and strangers, some people do the same on social media, while some do it through creativity.

It is important for all of us to unite in this global effort to make the International Forum “Global Crisis. We Are People. We Want to Live” property for all people on Earth! After all, this is the key to the survival of all humankind!

Song lyrics: We need Creative Society 

Verse 1:
Time of humanness has already begun,
Let’s consolidate and become like one!
Stop this madness! Now, look what we have done!
We destroy and we kill our Planet for fun…

We can change all this! We need Creative Society!
Listen up, people! We are not slaves of some variety!
We are humankind! This should sound proud enough!
Let’s prove that we deserve to stay alive without any bluff!

Verse 2:
We are on the verge of that very reality,
That was chosen for us, it’s taking our vitality.
We can change all this, this imposed mentality!
We’re not slaves, We are free! We are people – humanity!!

We are humans, we are tired of all deceptions.
We have chosen love and look in same direction!
We are people and we care about each other.
Life is precious, let’s appreciate it, Brothers!

Chorus x2

Official website of the Creative Society international project:



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