Freedom from Beast’s Dictatorship within Yourself

What are the most important steps on the spiritual path?

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Why keep a diary on your spiritual path?

Zhanna: There is a question from people who are keeping diaries. Everything is good, meaning, a person has already started keeping a diary, so he starts writing down thoughts. He says, “Well, it doesn’t help, well, there’s still some sort of pressing, it’s still hurting.” And here’s such a point, well, here’s something from observations, and the person himself has sort of shared this.

That is, at some point he asked such a question, that he was already sort of tracing and saw this mechanism which got activated for some reason. And it’s got to the point that he actually made this diary in order to tell others how he was affected by consciousness (IM: Right), how it was manipulating him. And to tell others about the mechanism.

Igor Mikhailovich: A simple question. Has a person made a choice, and has he felt that he is not a beast? No, he hasn’t. Who has made a choice? He has felt that it is real. He had this minute of awareness. But who got activated at this time? An animal. And it was precisely this inner animal that started this game, and he is playing it. And it wants to appear, but not to be (Zh: A mask of a saint), to appear a saint.

Right, but not to be one. And everything turns into a game. Is anything going to work out? No, it’s not going to work out because it was precisely the second component of the human as a Personality – the mortal one, that put him in the game and tricked him. Why? Because the person doesn’t really seek God. He doesn’t seek to realise who he is, that’s the point.

Zhanna: He’s got lost in the game.

Igor Mikhailovich: Meaning, he lives by an illusion. He likes this illusion. “Why should I bother, what for, if all people live like this, and so do I?” – well, that’s a simple directive coming from consciousness.

What is the right way to write down one’s own thoughts?

Tatiana: Igor Mikhailovich, could you somehow reveal this issue: “What is the right way to write down one’s own thoughts, should one analyse them? What…”

Igor Mikhailovich: No, the analysis includes precisely… So, there’s a simple mechanism. When a thought comes to a person to do something negative, something bright, but the person already realises when he is controlling his thoughts, he realises that they are not his. He understands that they come to him, after all, he hasn’t ordered a thought.

For example, so that you, say, take an offence at her. Well, for example, she has looked upon you not in the right way. Such a common trite phrase, right? You understand that it oppresses you, so you write it down. That today is (the date, the time), and every day you’ve marked there. This thought came at 10:45 (quarter to eleven). And that’s it.

And this thought will disappear as soon as you write it down. If you start to analyse why you’ve got such a thought, you activate the work of consciousness and run into a lie. And this Chihuahua starts deceiving you right away and playing with you like with a puppet.

Tatiana: Something is wrong with you.

Igor Mikhailovich: Surely.

Zhanna: It also sounds like a direct command.

Why thoughts come when you don’t want them

Igor Mikhailovich: Or something is wrong with her, right. But you are accurately writing down the thoughts which you haven’t ordered. They don’t come to you. You are busy with, for example, some computational processes, you add or deduct something, and here a thought comes to you that someone is wrong about you.

I’m sorry, what is your consciousness occupied with? It squares some root out of nobody knows what. And suddenly a thought comes to you that someone treated you wrong. Why do you need it now? Why does your consciousness start manipulating you and making you worry about something instead of doing this math?

Is it the freedom of thought? No, it’s not. That’s precisely what should be written down. You see? Because such a thought has come. Why has it come precisely at this moment? Because you’ve loosened this leash instead of  making your consciousness work and keeping it on a tight leash, you see?

And it’s precisely in this moment when you loosened it that you were distracted by something and paid more attention not to, say, inner spiritual processes, but to the material. And your consciousness gained a certain degree of freedom, and it immediately started deluging you with rubbish.

That’s a simple example, it’s like when, so to say, an antivirus is installed on a computer. As soon as it has become weaker, they immediately start deluging the computer with rubbish, right? Well, this is really so.

Path to life: should I live by spiritual or be engaged in spiritual

Zhanna: Right. There’s also such a wrong understanding that when a person starts being engaged in the spiritual, then he starts blaming for all his troubles, actually for everything bad that is happening to him, precisely the fact that he starts being engaged in the spiritual.

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, I’ll say like this: if a person starts being engaged in the spiritual, then he is right in blaming himself. One should live by the spiritual, whereas you can engage in sports or something else. But if he engages in the spiritual, it is consciousness that engages. Classifying it as engagement already predicts a temporary hobby. You can’t be temporarily keen on Life.

Of course, consciousness will play if there is such a directive. And the person doesn’t lie when he’s writing about this. He says, “I’ve got engaged in spiritual development.” Even with this phrase, not knowing the person, not listening to anything, consciousness has started a game with him.

Why? Because the person has had a spiritual surge. He has experienced this need for freedom and love, and he has felt that it’s possible. He has felt that he is… He is not an animal. He has felt that he is something greater, that indeed there is a part of the Spiritual World within him, and he can become this component of the Boundless World.

At the same time consciousness has reacted. It has immediately loaded him with emotions, has loaded with everything, has given him practices which are mostly coming from consciousness. That is, he has taken not a pure tool. Even if the tool is pure, what’s the difference? It has given him the tool, it has given him everything and immediately has blamed him for everything. Right away, it has distracted and said, “Well, you have engaged in the spiritual and look: you have lost there, there and there, here are the losses this has caused you. And what have you got?”

Excuse me, what can you get from spiritual freedom in the material world? A simple question.

The first thing that the spiritual path begins with is the control of thoughts

Zhanna: And what have you expected?

Igor Mikhailovich: Is it a lamp of Aladdin? Whereas if you begin to Live, then with every step you gain more Life, more Love, more happiness, more understanding. There is more understanding of the illusion of this material world, of the dictatorship through your consciousness from whose dictatorship? Satan’s, right? Who we call satan. In religions and everywhere.

And you will understand that you are dual, that there is both a part of God and a part of satan within you. There is an alive part, and there is a mortal part. And to expect from consciousness that someday your body would emerge again, right? Well, it’s been told about this very well precisely in the ATLANTIS video. All these are fairy tales. Never. What has been destroyed is destroyed.

Like I say: the first thing that the spiritual path begins with is the control of thoughts. Don’t accept anything bad, and you’ll be given what’s good. Don’t accept bad advices, don’t accept annoyance, don’t accept hatred – everything that oppresses you. Don’t accept bad mood. Everything comes from egoism. People say “depression”. Yet, what is depression? The highest form of egoism, we have discussed it more than once.

The path of love – just begin to love people, their Angelic components

Tatiana: Inaction.

Igor Mikhailovich: Inaction, sure. And ego. Why would you lie on a couch, moan and whine that you feel bad? Well, you like it. Meaning, you enjoy it if you live by this. Well, don’t you?

Tatiana: Yes, it reminds me when you were saying…

Igor Mikhailovich: Just stop caring about your Chihuahua and begin to love people, their Angelic components. It’s impossible to love an animal. You can play, respect, but… But you are not a beast if you have realised that you are Alive.

Zhanna: Right. It’s like this case, “How can I return this inspiration? Here I’m waking up…”

Igor Mikhailovich: If this question is coming from consciousness, then you can’t.

Zhanna: Right.

Igor Mikhailovich: Again, do you need inspiration or the emotion which followed that? That’s all.

Zhanna: Right, that’s all.

Why consciousness is never satisfied with the already available answer on the spiritual path

Tatiana: There is also a frequent situation: after catharsis or some problems in life a person is asking himself, “How to return into the feeling?”, and he is searching for some specific solution for a specific situation.

Zhanna: “Please, answer me…”

Igor Mikhailovich: Certainly. And he is searching by consciousness, right?

Tatiana: Yes, at least…

Igor Mikhailovich: How can I acquire it? Excuse me, you can acquire new socks or a cap, this you can.

Tatiana: A new answer, yes, a new path.

Igor Mikhailovich: Right, yet how is it possible to gain Life? In no way, just work. You should simply Live.

Zhanna: Consciousness is not satisfied with the already available answer. Meaning, this question is already like…

Igor Mikhailovich: It wants something new.

Tatiana: Right.

Zhanna: It wants something new, wants something especially for me. Maybe, this doesn’t apply to me. This very theme that “after all, I’m different compared to that person, we are different”.

Igor Mikhailovich: Of course, different, right.

Zhanna: This very situation for him is good, but in my case something else is probably needed.

Igor Mikhailovich: But in my specific case, because my life is the most complicated one.

Zhanna: Right, I have the biggest difficulties.

Igor Mikhailovich: Yes, it oppresses me so much, but I’m so… I’m so spiritually strong that I’m even afraid of harming people. You know, well…

Zhanna: Therefore, I will probably do nothing.

Igor Mikhailovich: Of course, I’ll remain a dog. Well, if you want to live as a dog, just live, who hinders you? Nobody minds.

The way of returning back to feelings and spiritual path is the choice of love

Tatiana: One shouldn’t look for some new solutions, new ways, when in all situations the way of returning back to feelings is always the same.

Igor Mikhailovich: The choice.

Tatiana: The choice of Love.

Igor Mikhailovich: Simply the choice. And we’ve again come back to what? To the trite choice. The choice and Love. Choose Love, and you’ll be happy. Whereas if you are unhappy, this means, pardon me, that you are a dog. Well, isn’t it so?

Tatiana: It is.

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, in other words, no matter how you twist it, if you are in grief, in misfortune, in self-torment, if thoughts torture and prey upon you, this means you like it. This means you are a part of the animal world, you are financing this. Live like this, may you feel good if you like this, if you criticize everyone, if you are the only one of a kind in this world.

Well, you enjoy being like this – well, it’s your choice. Let’s assume, why should we, let’s say, worry about this person or try to make something out of him? Well, what for? No, it’s…

A path to true freedom

Zhanna: And what is true freedom, after all?

Igor Mikhailovich: True freedom? It is Life. It is Love. It is God’s Love. This is indeed freedom. It is freedom from the dictatorship of a Chihuahua or an elephant, well, whoever has what. It’s already Life because a person feels Life.

Zhanna: How can a person understand this?

Igor Mikhailovich: How can he understand? He should come to this. Really begin to Live.

Am I happy or unhappy? – When you choose a path to Life you just choose positivity

Zhanna: Meaning, if he’s still hesitating, “Am I happy or unhappy?”…

Igor Mikhailovich: This is consciousness.

Zhanna: If he asks himself questions…

Igor Mikhailovich: If these questions are coming, “Am I happy or unhappy?”, then he’s unhappy. Well, there can be no questions from Personality. Personality either lives or doesn’t live, right? Either it’s in slavery or it is in freedom.

Yes, one should fight for freedom, yes, one should surmount a hard way. Rejecting everything bad is already opposition, it’s already defence of the Angel. When you choose good, when you choose Love and perception through feelings, when you choose Life or you just choose positivity… Everything begins with positivity in fact.

Consciousness says, “Everything’s bad”, but you say, “I don’t want to have such a thought. I want to see good things, you see. Well, I want everything to be good.”

It says, “How can you see good things, just look: it’s bad everywhere.” “Okay, I’ll turn around and look at the good.” And consciousness says, “Well, it’s bad there, too.” “Well, for you it’s bad, but for me it’s good here. For me the sky is blue.”

Zhanna: But how can I..?

Igor Mikhailovich: Excuse me, what is this colour at all? Well, the tablecloth is of this colour. Well, there’s nothing bad here, it’s pretty. Well, isn’t it?

Zhanna: It is.

Igor Mikhailovich: What’s bad here? Life itself, the very process of living, even of living in a body, in matter, it also brings enormous joy. It brings joy in the sense that you understand that it is temporary, you see? This is already wonderful, already splendid. And in the sense that there’s something greater further, and you can gain it. Well, you have already gained it if you’ve realised it. This is already a lot.

While consciousness will pester all the time, throughout the way. Well, it’s consciousness. It’s a mediator between the mortal world and the Living world, I mean between an Angel and a beast. Well, how can it be otherwise?

How to communicate with pessimists?

Tatiana: How can one communicate with people for whom everything’s bad?

Igor Mikhailovich: Let’s say, there are no people for whom everything’s bad. It’s bad for their animals. While you just communicate with the Angel. If you are forced to communicate with an animal at work or in everyday life, well, communicate, but you do understand to whom you are talking. It’s the system, it’s the beast. Well, now it is commanding the plucked chicken. What can you do? Well, you feel sorry for the chicken, yes. If you can help – just help, if not – then keep quiet, for this is its choice.

Communication through consciousness or Perception through feelings

Tatiana: Igor Mikhailovich, and when the dialogue is going on at this moment while two consciousnesses communicate, of Personality and Personality at the level of feelings, how is it awaking..?

Igor Mikhailovich: Wait. The dialogue when two consciousnesses communicate, of Personality and Personality…

Tatiana: Well, consciousnesses are communicating on their own.

Igor Mikhailovich: Right now, at this very moment, while we were clarifying your question, who were communicating in us? Consciousness and consciousness, right? Why? Because we were trying to paraphrase or to understand your phrases. This is normal.

Tatiana: It’s one side.

Igor Mikhailovich: They listen, understand, analyse. But there’s another perception – through feelings. It speaks about other things. And precisely this inner dialogue had nothing to do with our today’s conversation for some reason. But that’s not the point. One doesn’t hinder the other. Isn’t it so?

It is. How can we tell this to people who don’t know this? But what do they need this for? Here’s a simple question, why would we tell a kid who’s going to the first grade, for example, what a neutrino consists of, right? If many people still don’t know what a neutrino actually is.

And we’ll tell what it is to a child who’s going to the first grade, who, pardon me, still poorly knows the ABC. What for? If he needs this, he’ll find, study and learn it.

Tatiana: But, perhaps, his Personality will just echo faster?

Igor Mikhailovich: Not the Personality. It is consciousness that will be interested in this as magic. You see? There will be nothing interesting. While magic does attract: some superheroes, super abilities.

There aren’t any super abilities and super heroism, all those are fairy tales. That which manifests itself as a side effect, well, it’s unacceptable for this three-dimensionality, but it’s absolutely acceptable there, in life. One thing doesn’t hinder the other.

On the spiritual path don`t let your consciousness have free time

Zhanna: Regarding the development of a Personality. We’ve kind of touched upon these issues. But the fact that a person thinks that he develops a Personality and does something: learns languages, studies something, engages in…

What is Personality?

Igor Mikhailovich: That’s right. I’ll put it this way: it’s wonderful (Zh: Yes) if a person thinks that he’s developing as a Personality. The concept of Personality is distorted in general understanding. The Angelic component, meaning, the human being is the Personality, while the animal component is his mortal consciousness. This is a clear simple understanding: black and white. There’s no other, no third, no gray.

But in ordinary human understanding, when everything takes place under the dictation of consciousness, then Personality is perceived exactly as consciousness – that which… this superficial “I” whom a person allegedly perceives himself as, right? And by developing myself as a Personality (this implies developing myself as a Chihuahua) I will be able to grow up, let’s say, into some bigger animal, into a Pekinese, for instance, you see? For it’s a couple of kilograms heavier. Well, that’s what “I learn languages” means.

The fact that consciousness is learning languages is wonderful, it must do this. But everything should occur a little differently. If for your job you need to learn Chinese, English, French, doesn’t matter, meaning, another language, it is very easy to do this.

You as a Personality give the order, and it fulfils it. When it starts whining and not doing, you stop feeding it, that is, you decrease the supply of the power of attention. And it starts working with great pleasure, just like a hungry cat starts eating onions, yes, in the same way it starts learning Chinese.

Everything’s very simple. Why? Because it is necessary for your job. Since it’s necessary, make it learn. Your consciousness mustn’t have free time, it must execute what is necessary.

Well, some people may say, “And what about creative processes?” This is wonderful, splendid, just splendid. It’s just the same with any creative work. If there were no these techniques, we wouldn’t know about Bartini, Tesla. I can list the names for a very, very long time. These are the people who possessed primary skills.

By the way, those two men (we once told about them), they studied those very techniques almost at the same institution in childhood. If they hadn’t learnt that… But, unfortunately, they chose the material, and not the spiritual. But if they hadn’t known that, they wouldn’t have become those whom they’ve become.

And, generally speaking, they were actually moving this evolution very fast along revolutionary ways, so to say (Zh: Right). But it would be better if they’d become spiritually strong.

Zhanna: Spiritually developed.

Igor Mikhailovich: Of course.

Zhanna: It’s much more valuable, and moreover, it’s for eternity.

Igor Mikhailovich: …than technically.

Zhanna: That very gaining of Life.

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, this is a wonderful example exactly as an answer to those who say, “But what about creativity?” That’s how creativity is done. Consciousness works within the boundaries it needs. But it mustn’t dictate you as a Personality what you should experience, what you should do, and what you should perceive and not perceive, who you should be offended at or look askance at, and so on.

What is action of the Personality?

Zhanna: There’s a question about action and inaction. That is, when consciousness attacks Personality, and Personality at this moment is sort of… Well, the person doesn’t understand that he’s a Personality and starts doing nothing, in terms of accepting this attack, accepting what is imposed.

Igor Mikhailovich: But then there’s no attack. I understand that people are asking questions, and you are retelling them. But they are confused here. A person who is unaware of himself as Personality cannot experience attacks from the animal (Zh: Yeah). You see?

Consciousness starts to divide, to single out one mental part of its thinking process as a certain personality, it forms one of its small “I” and begins to defend it. These are games of the actors in your consciousness. One puts on the mask of your Personality, the other puts on that of a fierce beast (Zh: Like a bad and a good actor), and they start performing in front of you, yes. And when you observe this process, you understand.

Here is a simple example for people how to distinguish this game. You do see the two actors performing in your head. You are the one sitting in the audience, exactly you are the Personality. It’s just the same consciousness in you, it easily splits itself, just as a picture in the computer, right? That is, it can be divided into as many pieces as you like, and the same way consciousness divides itself into anything, and it simply, to put it politely,  deceives you.

Zhanna: Well, yes. There is still such a question here: how should I, if I’m a Personality, how should I react?

Igor Mikhailovich: To what?

Zhanna: Meaning, how should I act when I get…

Igor Mikhailovich: Simply forbid it to engage in nonsense. First of all, as a Personality or in order to understand a Personality…

Zhanna: What’s exactly this action of the Personality?

Igor Mikhailovich: The action of the Personality is exactly at this moment to make thoughts about something beautiful, something wonderful come, about the fact that the neighbour (oh, you have dark eyes) so, has beautiful dark eyes. What else do we have? Here are beautiful dresses. Look, what a beautiful colour, both of them, right? It’s a really harmonious beautiful colour.

Simply to satiate yourself with this, to enjoy it. To experience a feeling of joy and love. And that’s all. You see, it says, “How can it be all?” And that’s all. You see?

Zhanna: And what about this thing, and that thing, and the other thing?

Igor Mikhailovich: And that’s a question from consciousness, “And what about this and that?” Confine it to this. And you’ll understand how it stalled and how it started wagging its tail. And it turns out it’s not Personality, and it turns out it’s not consciousness, and not you, and you are whatever… But if you listen to this tail, it will start controlling you.

Everything is simple. Just stop it strictly, clearly – and remain on the position of everything beautiful, happy and good. But you know that meanwhile you need to do this, this, and this, for example, to go to a store, well, and to build a couple of floors of a building, if you are a builder, for instance. So, you go to the store, build a couple of floors of the building. And you admire the beauty of that same stone, for example, of which you are laying the building. Well, why not?

Respect Freedom of Choice – Don’t Impose Your Views

Zhanna: What you need to do for your family, for some kind of your accommodation…

Igor Mikhailovich: You come to your family and rejoice at what your family is like.

Zhanna: Yes, but this doesn’t hinder.

Igor Mikhailovich: …even if they all hate you, they want to beat you. These are their beasts who want to bite you. And as people,  they suffer. It’s clear that you cannot help them, you shouldn’t force them to study what you practice yourself, right? You shouldn’t.

This is the freedom of choice, and you cannot impose your own. But you can understand them, you can sympathize by choosing your behaviour correctly, so as not to annoy their animals. Why tease dogs? You’ll be less bitten this way.


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