Kaleidoscope of facts

What Are They Preparing Us For?

The use of such a tool as the Overton Window is happening now, in our time. Public consciousness is being forced through the media to accept unacceptable moral norms, which eventually become a habit and are then upheld by law.

  • Why are we suggested to make friends with the Apexians?
  • What images are hidden in Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings?
  • What methods are used to cultivate good attitudes of children toward alien monsters?
  • How are we gradually being prepared for cannibalism?
  • How long will we remain silent and watch as we are dehumanized and turned into a herd?

It’s time to bring the truth back to people!

All videos of the Kaleidoscope of Facts project

“The Code of Gods. Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Their Impact on Our History | Kaleidoscope of Facts 26″

“Code of the Apexians” | Video with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov



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