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What did the Prophets say about the Creative Society?

All the prophets who came left covenants for us so that people could live happily and in peace with one another. The prophets talked about uniting all people and building one peaceful prosperous society — the Creative Society. But what do we see today?

What did the prophets consider to be the basic need of every human being at all times?

Who actually divided believers into different religions?

Why have people lost the Truth today?

Is what is happening today our “destiny”? Or is it rather a consequence of our common choice?

Today, in spite of everything, we still have a chance to fulfill the dream of the prophets regarding the Creative Society, whichever religion we belong to! Even atheists want a peaceful happy life, don’t they?

Today more than ever, there is every opportunity to bring people together and build the Creative Society. It is really very simple, it just takes a little effort on everyone’s part — and the world will change!
Watch the full version of THE SIGN video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, an excerpt from which is presented in this video.


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