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What Do Artifacts Warn Us About? | Scott Wolter

“Like any world event that’s happened throughout history, it’s always a lot more complicated than the narrative that most people hear about,” shares Scott Wolter, forensic geologist, star of Travel Channel’s America Unearthed, author and founder of American Petrographic Services.

In the framework of International Research Project, Kaleidoscope of Facts, we talk to experts from around the world about topics relevant to society and strive to cover them from different perspectives.

From this interview with Scott Wolter you will learn:

🔎 About the Kensington Runestone.
🔎 By whom were the Templars destroyed?
🔎 What was the purpose of megalithic structures?
🔎 How can it be explained that structures built on different continents over 12,000 years ago look coordinated and have many similarities, including even units of measurement?
🔎 What is the purpose of pyramids?
🔎 What technologies were used to build megaliths and pyramids around the world?
🔎 About the Templar Temples. What are the peculiarities of their shapes and construction?
🔎 Why were egg-shaped temples given much attention?
🔎 How does the form of a structure influence the space inside and outside of it?
🔎 How is global climate change related to cosmic cycles?
🔎 Are there any geological traces left to prove that cyclical nature of global cataclysms exist? Are there any warnings from ancient civilizations for our modern humanity about the disasters we have to go through?
🔎 How can the study of ancient archaeological structures and artifacts be useful for modern humanity? What impact can it have on our life and society as a whole?

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