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What Do the Apexians Want From People?

Every human being possesses the most valuable power in the universe. In order to steal and take it away from humans, 25,000 years ago the Earth was invaded and enslaved by a vicious and soulless race of the Apexians.

  • What is this power that is so valuable to all?
  • Who are the Apexians and how are they different from humans?
  • What was the purpose for introducing religion into human society?
  • How did we happen to get a strong belief that God is bound to fulfill all material requests made to Him in prayer?
  • Who freed humankind from the slavery of the Apexians?
  • Why does the hunt for the power of attention continue up to this day?
  • Why did the Prophets, messengers of the Spiritual World, come into this world?

“The Code of Gods. Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Their Impact” | Kaleidoscope of Facts 26

Video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov “The Most Valuable Currency in the Universe” 




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