Freedom from Beast’s Dictatorship within Yourself

What does freedom mean?

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Zhanna: Those people who came into contact with the answers that you give, with the answers that really concern most people today. To admit honestly, after all, this Knowledge that you give, everyone is interested in it today. Because when a person is left alone, when a person simply, well… doesn’t know the answer to what worries him. Really, all these barriers… And the topic of today’s programme, it is also not chosen by chance, that it is Freedom. What does Freedom mean?

Igor Mikhailovich: This is a good question. And what does freedom mean?

Tatiana: Well, how differently a person who’s under the influence of consciousness interprets the concept of freedom, and how exactly the Personality…

Igor Mikhailovich: And what does a person understand by the word “freedom”. And again, we return to whom? We return to the Angel and to the beast within a person. Because the understanding is completely different. On the one hand, people feel what freedom is. And again we return to THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN video which shows that people feel and they strive for this freedom. And they understand what freedom is. Freedom is God’s Love, it is Spirit. It is Life. Freedom is eternity. Freedom is freedom from the dictation of three-dimensionality, from matter. Freedom from dictatorship of the beast within you first of all. That’s what freedom is. And people, thank God, feel this.

But there is another understanding of freedom. Freedom which is dictated by the beast. For it, power is freedom: the more power it possesses, the higher degree of freedom it has. Well, the system thinks so. Not even the system, the beast inside us thinks so, meaning, our animal part, yes, the material part with its consciousness and everything elseAnd every person, as you say, when he is alone, when especially, let’s say, a person faces some problems in life or, just being in peace, he starts to reason, “And who am I? Who is a human being in fact?” And when he thinks about himself, why he is here, then even an internal discord arises in him, and most often, if a person comes into contact with something spiritual within himself, with something bright, he starts to experience fear. And whose fear does he experience? Fear is coming exactly from consciousness. Here, who doesn’t let the person to true freedom?

Consciousness doesn’t let the person to true freedom. Who are you

Zhanna: And why doesn’t he see it?

Igor Mikhailovich: Because this is also a part of the person himself. We have already talked about this and more than once. After all, our consciousness is nothing but what stands before our Personality. It is exactly consciousness that has contact with three-dimensionality. If there’s no consciousness, we won’t see three- dimensionality, we won’t see each other, we won’t be able to contact each other in the same way as here. Meaning, at a simple verbal level we see each other, we see our volume, our location in space. But all this will disappear, all three-dimensionality will disappear. However, perception through feelings, precisely as a Personality, it must be developed and nurtured.

If we take a child who would be raised among animals, he will grow up and he will be an animal. His Personality won’t be developed. He won’t even be able to develop his consciousness properly in the future, that is, he will never become a human if during the first period (the period of formation) he was developing as an animal. Why? Because it is exactly the pack of animals that will dictate its own way of life, and his consciousness will be formed on the common egregore of the pack itself.

Well, unfortunately, this has already happened more than once, and this is confirmed. But what does this evidence? The fact that our consciousness requires constant development. But so does our Personality, it also requires constant development. Whereas consciousness says the opposite, it says, “Human Personality or that inside, which comes from God, it must first of all: know everything, simply know everything and about everything. It must be developed, it must be perfect, because God cannot be imperfect.”

A simple question, “A person is created in the image and likeness, right? So he immediately should be what?”

Tatiana: Be perfect.

Igor Mikhailovich: Be born with a beard and sitting in a chair.

Tatiana: Yes.

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, isn’t it so? And everything should be happening at a snap, even flies should fall. That’s how it is shown in the ATLANTIS video, when the “god” was bored. Well, isn’t it so?

Tatyana: The whole set of magic items.

Igor Mikhailovich: Of course. So, it turns out that consciousness is nothing but a deceitful creature. It imposes one thing and hides another.

But when a person is working, when he is observing it, and simply, let’s say, driving this beast into a corner (not the beast drives the Angel, but the Angel drives the beast), everything falls into place.

And then the person gains freedom – freedom from dictatorship of his own beast-like part, yes, it means from its domination. But in order to learn it, one needs to spend much efforts, time, and really has to work on it.

Well, here I’d like to raise another point that there are two ways. There is a spiritual path, let’s say, for laypeople, as it is said in religion. Right? And there is for those who steps on the path of service. These are different things, after all. Absolutely.

The Service to the Spiritual World

Tatiana: There are very many questions in this regard, how to distinguish, well, like how to serve…

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, indeed, this is… These are different things. Service requires discipline, dedication. In this case a person clearly understands that he can do a lot for the Spiritual world, and he, let’s say, cares not about himself, not about his own stay here, but he cares about the greater, he cares about people. And it’s natural that his care should come from his own spiritual self-development and should be (Zhanna: Maximally useful), let’s say, maximally useful for the Spiritual World, of course, and for people as for spiritual beings, as for future Angels, but not like, say, for members of an animal pack.

Tatiana: It turns out to be an interesting moment, even if we return to the impulse of the people who participated in THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN project. It turns out that this small victory of each person over that beast within oneself, overcoming, little overcoming, they just have lit up by the interest and have decided to study, by overcoming consciousness, which was talking and stopping, and was saying that there was no need to do it, that it wasn’t relevant…

Zhanna: That I won’t be able to, that I will fail.

Tatiana: Yes, that it won’t work.

Igor Mikhailovich: Right.

Tatiana: That this is totally hopeless. Having overcome consciousness within oneself, when Personality comes to the foreground…

Igor Mikhailovich: One’s fears.

Tatiana: Yes, meaning, having overcome this, they generated such a wave. We’ve heard so many people who sincerely talk about Love, who sincerely talk about God. And the most interesting thing is that after this project a new wave emerged, and precisely so many people responded.

Igor Mikhailovich: Because this is Alive.

Tatiana: Continuation, yes.

Igor Mikhailovich: Why? Because it resounds exactly with their inner state, it resounds with the inner Angel in a person, with his or her Angelic essence. And if we look, what kind of people indeed revealed themselves, and how they were revealing themselves. After all, they were revealing themselves in the pure, from the soul, they talked about it. Why? Because it is a constituent of every person.

Zhanna: In the common to all mankind.

Igor Mikhailovich: In the aspect common to all mankind, of course.

Zhanna: In the real.

Tatiana: They didn’t even understand how their work on themselves and this very little victory of theirs within themselves, what kind of mechanism it launches on the global scale.

Igor Mikhailovich: Certainly.

Zhanna: And a resonance.

Tatiana: Yes, and a resonance.

Igor Mikhailovich: This is also a part of service.

Tatiana: And the main thing is that this monad has been overturned, that which was imposed by rhapsodes, that which was imposed by the system, some sort of awkwardness whether to talk on these subjects or not.

Igor Mikhailovich: Yes, a fear to talk about the Soul.

Tatiana: Now one just wants to talk, one wants to continue, to respond to this very surge and…

Igor Mikhailovich: Right, because that, which for a long time, let’s say, has been oppressed and considered already forgotten, well, sort of vestige of the past, it proves to be predominating in people. And it turns out that it is very precious and dear to everyone across the world, to all people. And no matter how the system was trying, it has failed to kill this. And it is joyful that people are awakening, that they really feel, and they are aspiring. And the best and most wonderful thing is that they are not afraid to talk about this. This is freedom.

Zhanna: And they show example to other people who are sitting and are afraid.

How to be happy – simple technique to find personality

Igor Mikhailovich: Of course, certainly. There’s a part of service too, but here’s also the most important thing – the fact that people feel their duality, people understand that there’s a spiritual component inside, in all languages, in all religions. This is very important, this is what unites. This is exactly that inner Love, inner striving for God. This is what has been called AllatRa since ancient times.

And the amazing thing is that there are scientists who confirm AllatRa, its meaning and the like. See, how simple everything is. Everything falls into its place. It turns out that the past isn’t forgotten, and there are those who explore it and know it. But people simply didn’t know about them, while now they know. They discover more and more. And this is interesting.

Tatiana: And it’s very precious that… well, great gratitude to people because that knowledge you told about and shared in the programmes, that knowledge wasn’t only heard and applied for themselves, but also there was a continuation of this wave, they carried this wave on.

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, that’s the point.

Tatiana: On such a global scale…

God’s Love is exactly what guarantees you the future

Igor Mikhailovich: That’s the point. This is also a part of service to the Spiritual World. When you feel this need for freedom, for Love, when you experience it – you share it. Well, we’ve mentioned more than once that it’s impossible to hold this, this aspiration to share this. Well, it’s like the Sun that you cannot hold within, you want to lighten the whole world with it. And this is wonderful.

Zhanna: And it keeps growing more and more.

Igor Mikhailovich: And it’s always like this.

Zhanna: Here, the most interesting thing is that if you share the spiritual, if it overfills you, then it increases.

Igor Mikhailovich: If you share spiritual Love: the more you share it, the more you get. That’s what was said, “A hundredfold will return to you.” That’s what was meant. But it’s not when you have given someone a hundred dollars and you are waiting for a return of (Zh.: Two hundred), yes, ten thousand, because a hundredfold must return. It won’t. And it’s not the point whether it will return or not. This is just a piece of paper which you won’t take with you.

While God’s Love is exactly what guarantees you the future. So what question are we coming to now?

Tatiana: Of service?

How to get closer to freedom. What is necessary for this?

Igor Mikhailovich: There’s a path of service. Serviсe may be different: it may be total commitment, there’s the way you’ve just talked about when people feel and share from their heart. And there is, let’s say, a very simple formula that allows people to realise what Personality is, right? This is not service to the Spiritual World.

This is service to the Angel within oneself, service to oneself in order to give this Angel at least some kind of freedom so that the person would be able to realise that he is not a beast and escape from this dictatorship, to learn how to stand against that nonsense which is imposed and which makes life miserable. To put it simply, to gain happiness and feel real Love, right? Not an illusory person-to-person love that is exactly dictated by this beast, but the real one within the person. And to get closer to freedom.

What is necessary for this? For an ordinary person. Because people often ask this question. The very first steps. And a person understands that he is there, sometimes he feels something, but in an instant he gets distracted and has lost everything. And thoughts gnaw at him again. The person doesn’t know how to get rid of them, of this consciousness. And he starts to hush this up. Well, lying to himself that everything is fine, is great. Well, how’s that to himself? Consciousness tells him, and he agrees to that. Consciousness says, “You just can’t, you… You won’t succeed.” And what should a person do in order to succeed? This is a simple question. Because lots of people need this right now, people who are looking at us and say, “Yes, tell us about an easy way. Without all your complicated, sophisticated words; because you’ve understood something, you know something, you’ve overcome. And how can I learn?” We need to tell it to a person in simple words. So, what advice could you give?

Zhanna: There is such a point that concerns basically everyone’s development. Because misunderstanding which arises in every person is connected exactly with what one should develop in oneself. It’s the point of developing the Personality, right? Personality is the one who feels. So, this perception goes through the Personality.

How can one find Personality? A simple technique

Igor Mik:hailovich: Yet, how can one find Personality?

Zhanna: Yes, so how to find? So…

Igor Mikhailovich: A simple technique. Well, the simplest tool that can be used by anyone, by any person sitting at this table with us now. How can he use the simplest tool in order to realise that he is dual, that there are both an Angel and a beast within him? And a simple…

Tatiana: We’ve talked about duality many times, right? Meaning, to find this inner…

Igor Mikhailovich: But this is impossible.

Tatiana: Yes.

Igor Mikhailovich: The most interesting thing is that this friend of ours sitting opposite me will never be able to stand against the system, satan, whatever we call it, never, if this person doesn’t understand that he’s a Personality. How can my ordinary good friend become an Angel? How does he need to understand that he’s a Personality? What tool should he use? Well, it’s you who ask me all the time, so I’ve decided…

Tatiana: What a surprise…

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, so…

Tatiana: To accumulate this different experience, completely different, yes, different, experience of feelings, of what lives inside, flares up. To realise that…

Igor Mikhailovich: Again you’re speaking higher categories.

Zhanna: May I?

Igor Mikhailovich: My friend who is sitting here doesn’t understand this. He’s saying, “Here you are talking about experience, perception through feelings.” While he doesn’t know what perception through feelings is.

Tatiana: I think I know what our friend should do. He should try to listen to us not with consciousness, because now we will hardly be able to explain in words that…

Igor Mikhailovich: Again you’re talking about the category of people who are able to perceive through feelings. We’ll talk about them also today, because I have several friends here. But as for the one who was growing exactly under the system’s pressure due to certain circumstances. He had to overcome a lot, to think, to survive. And now his consciousness dominates his Personality. And he can’t tell where the Personality is and where consciousness is. He’s constantly confused, and he’s trying to do something by means of consciousness. He doesn’t manage. But he feels that there’s something there what we are talking about, something touches him. He understands that, yes, something’s coming from you. “Here, but how, how can I learn? How can I get established on this path?”

And there’s the only way to do it – through personal experience. Otherwise all this, as in any religion, remains an empty talk, “I should do this, bow here. And what will I get?” You see, well, it’s not magic in order to get something material. But where is inner freedom, where is joy, where is Love? Even if something happens, it happens: a flash has occurred today, but tomorrow it’s even worse. And he can’t get closer to this state which he had. So, how to help my friend? What practical thing should he do, without speaking higher categories?

Tatiana: To feel the processes that are expanding from within to the outside…

Igor Mikhailovich: Again to feel the processes from the outside… And again you’re speaking of… I see…

Zhanna: There is a practical example of, well, how it helped us in our time, and what you repeatedly advised – it’s keeping a diary. That is, to start writing down one’s thoughts, to set forth what is coming from consciousness…

You are not the master of consciousness. You are financing your thoughts

Igor Mikhailovich: That’s right. And here look, what hinders my friend? Consciousness hinders him.

Zhanna: Right, consciousness.

Igor Mikhailovich: It doesn’t allow him to keep a diary.

Zhanna: Right.

Igor Mikhailovich: It has forbidden him.

Zhanna: Right.

Igor Mikhailovich: And how has it forbidden? “What will you write down, you understand everything, you know everything, you don’t need this.”

Zhanna: Right.

Igor Mikhailovich“Why would you write it down if you remember everything?” While, in fact, the good friend of mine listened to the programme, got a surge, but in five minutes he already forgot it. He actually forgets absolutely everything. Why? Because consciousness doesn’t give him this understanding. It stands, well, a beast is a beast. This is the most terrifying, the very first guardian on the way to the Spiritual World. It immediately distracts him, it immediately carries him away, he… Well, he is my good friend, but he’s a slave – a slave of the system. But we should help him. You see, how can he throw off these shackles? He cannot keep a diary a priori. Why? Because consciousness forbids him. Even when he’s ready and takes a seat, starts writing down, there is emptiness in his head. Consciousness says, “What are you going to write down, you don’t have anything to write about? And why are you writing it down?” Well, so, he has written it. The next day consciousness tells him the same.

Tatiana: Write it down.

Igor Mikhailovich: The day after tomorrow, it’s the same. But I understand that this experience is for those people who feel more. And they will do it. And they will write everything down, and they will study this. But, sorry, it’s for those who feel a need to serve. They will detail everything. Whereas, my friend is working. He has a job, he is studying, well, it doesn’t matter, he’s a busy person. He’s just lying on a sofa, watching TV series. Well, he has a right. But, at the same time, he wants to become happy, to start with something. So, for him as for a layman, as for a searching person, what has to be done? The very first steps.

You see, I can’t hear this from you. Just as they can’t hear this from us. And this is the problem that people, even feeling a bit, even getting surges sometimes, they don’t know what to do. Well, isn’t it so? Well, it is. This is what makes them doubt, hang around, and all the rest. And what is the simplest example, or rather, technique and the best tool? In order not to experience evil, not to experience suffering and pain, what should one do? One should reject bad thoughts. When a person realises that he wants to be happy, and my friend does want to experience joy, he needs the simplest technique and the simplest tool – it’s to reject, say, oppressive thoughts.

For instance, a thought comes into your head that you are suffering, you are poor, but you say, “No, I’m happy, I love God.” Just like that, even in a form of a game, just to start playing. Forbid your consciousness to judge anyone, to hate, to be angry with anyone, just forbid it. Say, “No, I won’t do it.” Consciousness says, “This is a bad person.” But you say, “Why is he bad? What makes him worse than me?” Just to answer like this: to counter, to force a part of consciousness… You should understand one thing. Well, my dear friend, remember one thing: you are financing your thoughts. It’s really so. You don’t order thoughts in your head. They come from outside. Do you have doubts? Just sit and think. Let’s think about a butterfly. Yes, you can see a butterfly, can imagine it in your head right now. Try to keep this butterfly in your head for five minutes. And you will realise that you won’t be able to keep it. Fish will come into your head, monkeys, lemons, oranges, a lame neighbour, well, whoever you want. And this butterfly will be mixed with them. But you just try to keep the butterfly. You won’t succeed. Why? Because you are not the master of consciousness.

And when you realise that you are not the master of consciousness, but precisely with your attention you are financing that, which you are investing and paying your attention to this, right? Meaning, what is in your head, that you are kind of financing. And precisely this financing, meaning, energy spending, leads these or those thoughts to life. Later on, they can influence you, influence your life and the life of people who surround you. Why? Because, having accepted a thought that this person is bad, you start treating him as a bad person, you reject him. And what makes him worse than you? Here’s a simple question. But when this thought comes and you say, “No, hold on. I don’t need this thought. I won’t judge this person.” Just as simple as that. And you’ve refused and think about what is good. Consciousness is trying again to foist some bad thought, evil, fear or hatred on you, it is trying to belittle or elevate you. Whereas you just say, “No, I want about love, about joy.” However, not in understanding of person-to-person love, but about Love in the highest understanding. Just be happy. Just be happy that you are breathing. Even if you are ill, even if you have a hard time and feel bad, look that there is green grass, that there is blue sky. Even if it’s gray, covered with clouds. Well, what’s the difference? Even if it’s raining and there is a storm, look at that rain and storm.

Understand one thing, that in a short while you won’t see this. Why? Because life is too short. And what seems a distant future to you, it will happen today, right now. It’s just that years will fly by, and this “now” will come. Well, it’s just like an experiment: you can set a date in your life. It doesn’t matter, will it be an hour or two, a month, a day, a year or ten years. Definitely, this “now” will come. Time passes very quickly. And everything that seemed to be faraway, becomes the past. This is true. The only question is where these years have gone. Into nothingness? Or have you used them for something important, something necessary? Something important, necessary in human understanding, that which the system tells about – it’s to build a house, well, actually, as always, to provide for your everyday life. I won’t say that it’s bad. And you should do this. This… You have to do this. Your body is your car. And you have to keep it clean and healthy. Well, and it’s normal. Consciousness must work, body must work, it must earn and support itself. This is actually a natural process, it’s not even discussed. But it shouldn’t dictate to you as a Personality.

Just be happy and you start feeling that there is Love

Igor Mikhailovich: And in order to realise that you are a Personality, you start forbidding consciousness to accept bad thoughts and start accepting only good thoughts. So, you say, “I don’t want what is bad, I want what is good. I want to rejoice.” It starts to oppress you, for example, someone bothers you. But you go outside and just look at the gray sky, at the rain or at the sun, and simply be happy.

Just put away the thought and rejoice at what you see. It doesn’t really matter, even if you look at, say, torn wallpaper. Be happy that you see it, and that it is there. And this joy – it is little, tiny, and quick passing, because consciousness is trying to erase it. But, if you have experienced it once, you can always increase it once again. And every time, every day, you will increase and intensify your every experience. And finally you’ll realise that you dictate to consciousness. And only those thoughts come which you want, because you reject others. You feel, you start feeling that there is Love. You start feeling that there is joy. And life becomes more beautiful.

Even if you feel pain in your body. You are ill, you have health problems at this moment, but these are the problems with your temporary body. While we are speaking about Eternity. Personality is the one who feels body pain, consciousness doesn’t feel this pain. But there is another option: it feels body pain for as long as it’s bound to the body. And that’s the point. For as long as it’s bound to consciousness, because it’s precisely consciousness that tells about the body pain. And if we take a look at what a body is. Yes, it’s a set of molecules and so on. What is pain? It is an electrical signal which comes and irritates. And all this, the illusion turns into unbearable pain that Personality feels; it suffers and so on. But all this ends, all this passes. And it ends very quickly. While that happiness and joy, which you will form, may remain forever. And that’s the point. This is the first step – to understand that you are a Personality. This is the first step to an Angel. And, let’s say, the first step in opposition to the beast. And it can give you an opportunity to gain Freedom. Real Freedom. Freedom from satan, Freedom from the beast. It is the most simple – not to hold a grudge.

And tell me, isn’t this mentioned in religions? Well, and who understood this? “Don’t think negatively, don’t do this.” But consciousness says, “You show me this kind of person”, right? “I will look at him, and if he lives like this, then I will also do.” It immediately reads about saints and says, “But these are saints.” That’s how consciousness works. It always casts doubts on everything, always contradicts, and so on. We have already told about it more than once: people who called themselves, let’s say, almost saints, spiritually mature and so forth, they were developed spiritually to such an extent that they were leading one of the spiritual trends, but they also demanded to execute Jesus Christ. They didn’t feel Him, the Son of God. And what can we talk about, right? And in order for this not to happen, a person should work on himself. And, thank God, today we know that there are more and more people all over the world who are becoming spiritually free. Precisely free in Spirit from the dictatorship of satan. And this is wonderful. And many people feel, really feel. They feel that there is Love, there is God, and these are not fairy tales. And they can already speak up about this. Well, isn’t it wonderful? It’s amazing.


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