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What does it mean to be creative and constructive? Events and ideas from around the world: forums, exhibitions, surveys.

The unique international conference “Society. The Last Chance ”, which took place on May 11, 2019, launched many creative initiatives from all over the world. Participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement from different countries take part and highlight culturally significant events from around the world, reveal the questions raised at the conference and the most important question is: “How can we change the vector of society’s development from the consumer format to the creative and constructive one?” 

In this episode of Good News: the ideas and events from Ukraine, South Korea, England, Belarus, Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, the USA and other countries of the world.

Among the events that the international ALLATRA TV teams visited in one month are:

–          International festival of video bloggers “VIDEOZHARA”, Kiev
–          Forum “Jeju for Peace and Prosperity in South Korea” (ALLATRA TV South Korea)
–          Exhibition “MindBodySpirit Wellbeing” in England (ALLATRA TV London)
–          Festival “The City of Professions” (ALLATRA TV Lviv)
–          Cultural evening “Budapest Night” in Minsk (ALLATRA TV Belarus)
–          The campaign entitled “Read, Yekaterinburg!” And the Akatui-Agadui holiday
(ALLATRA TV Yekaterinburg)
–          The Initiative “The World is Saved by Kindness” (ALLATRA TV Chernivtsi)
–          The Session at the consulate of India in Atlanta, USA (ALLATRA TV USA) and many others.

Social surveys are being actively conducted by  ALLATRA TV participants within the framework of the “Society. The Last Chance” project on the topic of what creative and constructive society should be according to people’s aspirations. Answers from all corners of the globe inspire and confirm that all of us are humans and have the same universal human values ​​and a real desire to strengthen and develop them.

We express  our gratitude to all the participants of ALLATRA TV from all over the world. ALLATRA TV is creation in unity! Join the common initiative:

Now everyone can really do a lot! The future depends on the personal choice of every individual!

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