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What dominates in a Personality as an Observer

Anastasia: …One can say that we all are an illusion in this world until we start working on ourselves spiritually. When we start developing spiritually, then we understand that this world is also an illusion. Having practical experience of work on myself in each day, I have already realised on a deeper level how important it is to understand just who it is in you that is observing this world and based on what this Observer makes conclusions.

Rigden: Note that the Observer will never be separated from the observable, for he will perceive the observable through his own experience; in fact, he will observe aspects of himself. While talking about the world, in reality, a person will voice an opinion of his interpretation of the world based on his way of thinking and his experience, but not of the complete picture of reality which can only be perceived from the perspective of higher dimensions.

Anastasia: It is obvious that such observations in the usual state of consciousness will be made by a person with the help of comparison, judgments about similarities, and differences of objects in relation, firstly, to himself.

Rigden: Quite right. Comparison mechanisms have been built into human’s nature to enable him to learn, receive and process experience, acquire skills, borrow a behavior style and so on faster, through imitation and associative way of thinking. Because of this, a person can be taught various actions and behaviour patterns, and he can also discover the surrounding world very quickly. However, all this is associated with identification and contrast; in other words, with comparison. After all, there must be a comparison for a judgment. And here, a lot depends on what dominates in a Personality as an Observer –Spiritual nature or Animal nature.

When Spiritual nature dominates, comparison plays a secondary role. It is only needed for the transfer of your spiritual experience through known associations. In a spiritual practice, the cognition process happens due to the feeling of intuition, expanded awareness, and an inner understanding of all the processes that are completely new for the person, where there is no need to compare anything, where there is simply clear comprehension of all the processes which cannot be explained by logic. A person feels he is a part of the spiritual world, a part of a big whole, of the true reality.

When Animal nature dominates, a Personality entirely immerses itself into the game of illusions of the material world. It is constantly comparing itself to someone based on some attribute (intellectual, professional, appearance, type of a person) and so on. To better understand, let’s examine a typical situation. When in such a state, what does a person usually think about his neighbour or a colleague at work whose salary is a bit more or whose position is a bit higher? As a rule, he compares them with himself; for example, “he is just like me, how am I worse…” and so on. The false pride from the Animal nature also triggers the mechanism of envy which provokes a wave of aggression and anger. The person blames his inner blunders on the people around him or indulges in selfcriticism. The Animal nature tends to amplify the thoughts of self-suppression and self-oppression in a person, that he, once again as compared to others, is doing something wrong or is worse off than the rest. In this case, one must remember that it is not the Animal who is the critic but that Conscience is your best aid.

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

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