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What don’t we know about the work of our brain?

In the course of experiments the scientists have completely debunked the myth that the right cerebral hemisphere is responsible for emotions and the left one for logic.

“The Independent” reports that the traditional division of the brain into logical and the emotional components has not been confirmed.

A new research in the field of neurobiology, conducted in the United States, has proved the absence of the fundamental difference between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. People have been divided for a long time into specific psychological types, depending on the dominant cerebral hemisphere. Thus, creative people have a better developed right hemisphere of the brain. But this theory has not been confirmed in the course of the experiments.

More than 1,000 volunteers have been examined by a group of scientists from the University of Utah under the leadership of Jeffrey Anderson. As a part of the experiment, the researchers have compared the work of brain hemispheres of people of various professions and characters. The scientists have not discovered any fundamental difference: they have not found any sign of dominance in any of the hemispheres. Rather on the contrary, all the participants of the experiment had an equal load on all parts of the brain.

Jeffrey Anderson himself claims that the fact that some people think more logically, while others – more intuitively, is not bound up with the work of hemispheres in any way. In his opinion, this widespread myth has originated from the orthodox psychology. The theory of the functional difference between the cerebral hemispheres exits for many decades, but it has been confirmed neither by any case history nor by serious research.

The brain is a mediator between consciousness and the world. He receives and tries to decipher codes, in other words, various signals, including those coming from the five senses. But it is especially important to note that the brain is capable of receiving many other signals not only from the visible, but also from the invisible world. What serves as a proof of this for the present-day scholars is the experiments conducted with the participation of people who engage in certain meditative practices altering their state of consciousness. These are Buddhist monks, the Siberian shamans, the clairvoyants and so on. Besides, this experimental group includes people who have manifested unusual abilities sporadically and spontaneously, which includes telepathy (thought transfer), prediction of the future, telekinesis (the ability to move physical objects and change their shape by thought), and so on. In general, these abilities are inherent in any person, if developed.

This is, in fact, the evidence that a person having basic Knowledge is capable of successfully exploring the world in an altered state of consciousness without leaving his room, with his eyes closed and without the help of technical means or the known sense organs.

From the book “AllatRa”

In fact, the brain is the most insufficiently explored organ in the human body. Humanity will be able to make a lot of surprising discoveries, if its development takes on a creative character.

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