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What exactly pushes a person to judge someone

What exactly pushes a person to judge someone?

Rigden: First of all, those dominant characteristics from the Animal nature that he has inside himself. One must pay attention to this when such judgmental thoughts appear.

Secondly, numerous egoistic illusions – attitude patterns as well as work of the Animal nature which cause emotional surges that push a person to judge someone. The patterns of such type, for instance, as “I can do better than someone else”, “my opinion is the only right one”, and so on. In other words, they are based on egoism, the wish to secretly rule over other people and give orders to them and to build one’s own illusionary “empire of influence”. Basically, all these are tools with which the Animal nature controls and manipulates a human being.

Thirdly, a person is pushed to judge someone because of the attempts of the Animal nature to find and come up with problems that do not exist in reality but the thoughts about which will make the person hold a negative mindset for a long time. The latter helps in forming the habit of negative thinking of the Personality; in other words, whatever a person talks or thinks about, everything will be bad and negative for him all the time and, most importantly, he will endlessly keep judging it.

What is it fraught with? This process focuses and keeps a person’s attention on these thoughts for a long time. And attention is power, the beginning of creation. The focus of attention has the ability to concentrate and accumulate certain types of energies, the surge of which creates an act of action and creation of something (emotions, thoughts, actions, events) in the visible and the invisible worlds. This, in its turn, creates man’s destiny both during his lifetime as well as after the death of the physical body. Whether the result of this action is positive or negative depends on the person’s choice, his priorities, the everyday habit of his way of thinking, and on how much he is able to control and discipline his thoughts and emotions.

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

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