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What Fear Is. Why Do All People Experience It?

In this excerpt from the video “Do Not Be Afraid!”, Igor Mikhailovich Danilov answers the following questions:

  • Why do people suffer from fears most of their lives although they want to live in love and joy?
  • Who benefits from people living in constant fears, and why?
  • Is it possible to get rid of fear?
  • Why did St. John of the Ladder call the proud soul a slave to fear?
  • Why are cowardly people vainglorious?
  • Fear is the main guard on the path to spiritual liberation. But who produces and experiences fear in a human? How is fear related to our thoughts?
  • Personality-observer and consciousness in a human: how are they interconnected, and which of them perceives fear? Perception of the world by Personality and consciousness: what is the difference?
  • Does Personality have the function of fear, and can Personality experience fear? How do you understand that you are a Personality?
  • What does the field structure (consciousness) fight for in us, and why does it produce numerous fears?
  • How do you make sure you are NOT consciousness?
  • Why does every person know that there is God, but at the same time they doubt?

Watch the full version of the video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov “Do Not Be Afraid!”, an excerpt from which is presented herein.


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