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What for Did the Prophets Come?

All of our habitual material life is just a game, but what are its rules?  People at all times have been given Knowledge – simple instructions on how to free themselves from illusion and return to the true home of people – the Spiritual World. But over time the Knowledge has always been distorted by people themselves to please their own desires.

In order to remind all people of their true mission, at different historical epochs prophets and messengers from the world of God came and renewed the lost Knowledge.

  • Who created a human?
  • What is the most important thing in a human?
  • What is the most valuable gift that God gave to a human?
  • The Spiritual World and the material world – what is the difference?
  • What is the devil needed for?
  • How can we return to our true home, God’s world?
  • What is an illusion and where is reality?
  • How can we free ourselves from illusion?

To get answers to these questions, watch the full episode, “Life of the Worthiest” | Kaleidoscope of Facts 24



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