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What happened to the Lost Empire of Atlantis? Episode 1

Myths and legends of peoples all over the world tell stories of the Lost Empire of Atlantis and its immortal kings and gods. So is Atlantis real? Did the Atlantis exist?
How could a highly evolved empire disappear in just one day and one night?
Ancient historians mention that Atlantis was destroyed as God’s punishment. Could a rapid descent in people’s morality and spirituality really be the cause of the destruction of Atlantis?
What lessons can be learned from history? What parallels does the Atlantis history have with the modern days?
Atlantis was a highly evolved civilization with technologies considerably surpassing even ours. They managed to achieve immortality in the human body for their Elite. At some point of Atlantis history the Atlanteans chose a consumer format of society. The primordial spiritual Knowledge was forgotten and replaced with the desire to become immortal, like God. Having discovered the secret to prolonging a human life, El, the ruler of the Atlantis Empire, together with his Elite, declared themselves gods. The majority of people strived to imitate them and preferred satisfaction of material desires to focusing on spiritual values. What happened to Atlantis was a direct consequence of the people’s choice.

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