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What has happened on Phaeton ?

…“And what has happened on Phaeton?” Kostya asked with interest. 

“Stupid thing…” Sensei replied with bitterness. “If you add to this day forty three days more, exactly five thousad one hundred five years ago there happened annihilation of one of the beautiful planets of our galaxy, Phaeton.”

Our Philosopher by some reason hastily started to calculate, moreover he did it aloud.

“So, today we have the twenty eights of June, 1991, plus forty three days and minus five thousand one hundred five years ago. It will be… It was…”

Hardly our Philosopher finished his calculations, when he got a critical remark from Andrew, “It was long time ago!” the guy said with the tone which didn’t allow any objections, he said it obviously so that Kostya would stop to philosophize and didn’t hindered him to listen.

In reply Sensei answered, “Why long ago? It was almost recently. Five thousand years is absolutely not a long time in terms of Universe.”

“Does it mean that Phaeton really existed?” Nikolai Andreevich asked distrustfully.

“Yes. It was the fifth planet of our Solar system. Its orbit was located between Mars and Jupiter. Phaeton was quite a big planet, its mass in fact exceeded the mass of Earth iseventeen times. It was a beautiful planet with the atmosphere similar to the one of Earth. It had nice oceans, lovely landscapes. One year on Phaeton lasted for two hundred sixty (260) Phaetonean days. If to interprete it in earthly time, one year on Phaeton was equal to one thousand eight hundred ninety eight earthly days (1898).” 

“So it means that one year on Phaeton is equal almost to our five years,” specified Nikolai Andreevich.

“Or to be more precise 5,2. One day on Phaeton is equal to 175,2 of earthy hours. On that planet one day was divided into twenty equal parts that is into twenty hours, in earthly terms their one hour was equal to 8,76 of earthly hours or 525,6 of earthly minutes. In principle Phaeton as a planet had a huge reserve of energy and it could exist still long time… if not the human stupidity.”

“What, were there people on Phaeton?” Victor asked with surprise. “I mean, earthlings?”

“We are not the only species who belong to humanoids. Phaeton was also inhabited by humanoids and even earlier than Earth.”
“What does it mean, humanoids?” asked Slava. “Does it mean creatures resembling a human being?”

“Yes. Or simply saying, this is the sentient creatures who resemble human beings and are created from mixture of spiritual and animal or material nature. Humanoids may defer from each other by their matter, that is body, but they all live according to the same laws of spiritual and material synthesis.”

“That means that beside the body they also have soul,” specified Stas.

“Sure. Despite such unique combination which presupposes considerable possibilities of development and self-improvement, humanoids are the highest form of life only in their sphere. However in the terms of Universe humanoids are one of the lowest forms of sentient life. If we regards as the lowest creatures univellular protozoa, for example amoebas, parasitical lamblias or free living radiolarias, sunfish etc, in terms of Universe for those whom we call the Highest Reason, humanoids are almost the same what amoebas for us, that is the beginning of evolution of reason. However, despite other lowest forms of sentient life, we have big potential for spiritual growth.”

“What, are there higher forms of life?” asked Andrew, obviously trying to get more information from Sensei on that issue.

“Of course. There are highet forms of life. But they don’t belong to our today’s topic. Let’s put it so, there are a lot of varieties of life in the Universe. As far as the humanoid form of life concerned, it’s a quite young one. It exists in the Universe in earthly terms only some four hundred million years. It’s not so much in terms of Universe. And in general the humanoid form of life appeared in our galaxy sixty four million one hundred forteen thousand six hundred ninety four years ago (64114694). At present there are more than one hundred forty billion of active galaxies, and less than one hundred billion planets inhabited by humanoids. In our Solar system the humanoid life appeared one million two hundred fifty two thousand seven hundred fifty eight years ago (1252758). And the first planet in our Solar system which was populated by humanoids was Phaeton, then much later Earth.”

“Here you are, one billion planets inhabited by people!” Victor uttered with admiration. “And we all think that our Universe is uninhabited. And we argue till now whether there is life in the Universe or we are the only ‘child prodigies’. Just after so many years of suggestion with loneliness, it’s a bit hard to believe that we seem to be not the only ones.”

“But how is about our unreciprocated radio signals to the space?” Eugene uttered jokingly.

“Radio signals?” grinned Sensei. “Here is a simple example for you. In 1974 the observatory of Aresibo has sent a radio message into direction of spherical stellar conglomeration M13, in constellation of Hercules, since there about one million stars similar to the Sun and of course there are different forms of life. But this signal will get there only in twenty five thousand years, if to count out from the day of sending. However due to expansion of the Universe by the time when signal arrives that place this spherical stellar conglomeration will not be there because it will move long time ago to another place. It’s one thing. Second. Our present civilization exists about twelve thousand years, however despite that it knows today almost nothing about first thousand years of its existance. Precious knowledge was lost because of greed and human stupidity, megalomania and as a consequence, permanent wars for the leading idea of the Animal nature, to be the sole ruler of the whole world. Do you think this humankind will exist at all in twenty five thousan years if its majority will consist of people with ambitions of the Animal nature?

“Besides, humanoids belong to temporary types of civiliztions which are quite soon lost. Since a human because of his Animal nature is from the very beginning inclined to self-destruction. On a scale of civiliztion of humanoids this stimulus of the Animal nature shows itself as self-annihilation and killing of each other. Misarable remnants give start to a new civilization from the beginning and the history repeats itself. But even if people through development of scientific and technical progress will be able to face extraterrestrial civiliztions, what do you think, with such domination of the Animal nature in the society, they will try to do first of all? Certainly, to conquer, to enslave (and not to co-exist peacefully), to dominate in order to create a new colony of slaves. If people can’t get along together with each other on Earth and destroy the planet, they can’t be regarded as honourable guests on other planets if the domination principle of this humankind with all its present achievements both in culture and in science, to destroy and not to create, or to say more precise, to create for their own egoism.

“And third, even now, looking at stars, we see only a picture of the past which took place billion years ago. During this time even if there was life on that planets and systems, it has changed many times. The highest development among humanoid races is reached by only a few. For the highest sentient forms of life who have no difficulties with reading this primitive radio signal to interfere into life of humanoids, moreover to get into contact with them is the same as to interfere into the life of amoebas. But amoebas unlike humans just exist supplementing the variety of nature and certainly they don’t possess megalomania and don’t do so many stupid things nor harm the surrounding nature as people do.” 

From the book A. Novykh “Sensei IV

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