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What is a human, in fact?

..“You think about the future and about the past. But you live in this very moment called ‘now’. And what is now? It’s a precious instant of life, it’s a gift from God that should be used rationally. Because tomorrow is a step into uncertainty. And it’s not improbable that it may be your last step in this life, a step to the abyss, to infinity. And what will happen there?

“Each of you believes that he has plenty of time on Earth, that’s why you don’t think about death. But is that so? Each of you may die any second, for any reason, seemingly independent of yourself as a biological being, on the one hand; but on the other hand, you are not just a biological being, you are a Human who is endowed with a particle of eternity. Once you realise this, you will understand that your Fate is in your hands and a lot of it depends on you. And not only here, but also there. Just think it over: who are you, a perfect biorobot or a human, an animal or a spiritual creature? Who?”.

…And what is a human, in fact, have you thought? Go deep inside of this question. Who feels in you, how do you move in space, who moves your extremities? How do your emotions arise in you, why do they arise? And do not shift the blame onto someone who bothered you, offended you, or vice versa, that you envied, gloated, gossiped about.  Is it your spiritual nature speaking in you?

“Find a crystal spring of your soul within you, and you will understand that all this material glare – cars, flats, villas, social status – all this material wealth, you spend your conscious life to achieve, will turn into dust. Dust which, in this springwell, will immediately be transformed into nothing. And life passes by. Life, which might be used by you to be transformed into the endless ocean of wisdom.

“What is the purpose of life, have you ever thought about it? The highest purpose of life of each individual is the cognition of his soul. Other things are all temporary, passing, just dust and illusion. The only way to understand your soul is through your inner Love, through moral purification of your thoughts, and through an absolutely firm confidence in reaching this goal, that is, through internal faith… As long as you have a glimmer of life in you, it’s still not too late to cognise yourself, to find your origin, the holy life-giving spring of your soul… Sort yourself out, and you will understand who you are in reality.“

From the book “Sensei” by A. Novykh

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