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What is AllatRa? Who is Imam Mahdi?

Dear viewers, the new episode of the series “ISLAM: RELIGION OF LOVE” gives a deeper understanding of who Imam Mahdi is, as well as answers to questions about Allat and RA. After all, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) imputed to every Muslim to receive new knowledge throughout his life: to develop in various ways, to study various sources, to be a literate and comprehensive person.

So what is actually Allatra? This word consists of two parts — “Allat” and “RA”, which are mentioned in the Koran. Allah, through his messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), indicated in the Qur’an the full significance of Allat, the sisters of Allat. In Surah” Annajim “it is said:” you Have not seen al-Lat, al-UzA, and al-Manat, the third, the other. Indeed, they are revered angels, in whose intercession one should (can) rely.” And the concept of “RA”, mentioned in the book “Allatra”, is also very ancient, inherent in many peoples and is one of the epithets of God. Thus, in the Qur’an, twenty-nine surahs out of one hundred and fourteen contain muqatta, and six of them use the word “RA”.

The next deep question, which is revealed in the program about the presence of Imam Mahdi in the world. After all, the one whose arrival in Islam is expected under the epithet “Imam Mahdi”, in Christianity under the epithet “Comforter”, in Buddhism — “Maitreya”, in Judaism — “Moshiah”, he is already present in the world today, and his worldly name is Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

nd what is the difference between Imam Mahdi and the prophets? The prophets (peace be upon them) were like teachers for mankind. Each of them came at a certain time and brought him knowledge. And the Imam Mahdi, let’s say, is the one who gave this knowledge, or rather, through whom the Almighty Allah gave this knowledge to the prophets. And he has come today as a judge to give a verdict on how humanity has learned these lessons that the teachers of the prophets have brought.

At various times, Holy men spoke about who Imam Mahdi is and about his coming in the last times: that he will not differ from ordinary people, but divine Love will radiate from them; that he will not bring a new religion, but will reveal the essence of all beliefs, will be a friend and adviser, and he will show people the direct path to Allah! “O Muslims, know that the one whose birth is hidden from you is your master, he is the MAHDI.”

Imam Sadiq, a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who lived in the eighth century, wrote that knowledge consists of twenty-seven letters, and all that the previous messengers brought is just two of its letters. And that Imam Mahdi will bring the remaining twenty-five letters back to the world and add them to the previous ones. In this way, he will give them all the twenty-seven letters of knowledge.

To date, all 27 grains of Truth are in the book “Allatra”, and each seeker of Knowledge can touch and know them. At the end of the program, the correct interpretation of the hadith “Bismillah Rahmani Rahim” is given and it is shown how an incorrect translation of the words of the Prophet leads to substitution and distortion of the Truth. “Pay attention to what is said, not to who said it” — Ali Ibn Abu Talib.

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