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What prevents a person from being happy and what is true happiness? How can we resolve conflicting situations in a simple way? Can we exist without conflict and be happy? Why does it happen: it got better at work, a conflict in the family appeared, it got better in the family, problems with relatives, neighbors have arisen? Why do people argue, and who is guilty?

How does consciousness substitute the meaning of happiness? How to learn not to suffer from thoughts, but to control one’s consciousness? How to get rid of dictatorship in one’s head? Why does consciousness perceive the world hostilely and keeps a person in a state of fear, suspicions, aggression and protection? How to stop being a sofa critic and to start acting towards one’s happiness?

What is happiness and what is true freedom? Why a certain person dreams to be happy, but at the same time the rest of humanity is unhappy? Why is a person inactive in order to reach happiness? What can a person do in order to step over barriers in consciences on the way to one’s happiness? How to realize that the future of all society depends on everybody’s choice? What must be done so that society could live happily? Why, when a person lives a spiritual life, no matter where he is, he isn’t alone? What does immeasurable happiness mean and how to reach it?

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