What is the Personality? Analytical study

The problem lies in the fact that a person divides himself or herself into “I” as a “person” and the soul as Something, simply without realizing that his or her soul is he or she genuine.

From “Sensei of Shambala. Book IV” by Anastasia Novykh

What is the Personality? It is only the germ of the individual Consciousness of a potential Spiritual being. Initially, it does not represent any value spiritually. The potential is in the Soul, but without merging the Personality with the Soul – it is wasted to no purpose. The Personality, unlike the Soul, can not reincarnate. In each new body a new Personality is formed.

In fact, the Personality – is the one who makes a choice between the Spiritual and the Animal natures, the one who draws conclusions, analyzes and accumulates emotional experience and the one through feelings. The Personality is a part of the Holy Spirit. This is a living, intelligent being, which, unlike the body and the consciousness – is the Real, the genuine. Being a part of the spiritual world, the Personality is able to accumulate the power of Allat, to attain the Holy Spirit. But during a lifetime, the Personality has only one Chance to achieve a merger with the Soul.


Development of the Personality in the material world

Up to 3-5 years a child lives through the deepest feelings. Until this time, his or her Personality is developing actively. But then the parents and the society direct all the forces on the development of the intellect and, accordingly, the consciousness. But the development of the Personality often stops here, that’s why it is said that the Personality is in the state of a 5-year-old child.

The Personality needs a spiritual food, and if it does not receive it, it does not develop. As we feed our bodies, so we must nourish the spiritual component. And the Spiritual part of a person is nourished through the deepest feelings. It is necessary to constantly experience them, then the Personality will develop.

If a child is surrounded by love and, even having grown up, continues to live through the feelings, his or her Personality continues to develop. And if he or she even has the knowledge of how to live through the deepest feelings, it is much easier for him or her to make a choice towards the Spiritual nature.

The primary surge

The primary spiritual surge occurs at the age of 5-7 years. According to the book “AllatRa” before this age, that is, the primary surge, a short-term activation of subpersonalities can happen which are the energy-informational clots, as well as the Personality is, but they do not already have the right of choice. The latter ones try to break through the consciousness and seize the power while a new Personality is at the stage of formation. That is why during this period of life manifestations of subpersonalities can be observed, for example, a child suddenly starts to argue as an adult or recall the elements of his or her “past” life. The only thing that can be done in this case – is to develop the intellect of a child, expanding his or her outlook, giving knowledge about the world, and wait until a primary surge occurs and a new Personality is formed.

The second surge

By the time of puberty – at 11-14 years the second, even more powerful surge occurs, which is a manifestation of the Soul, aimed at helping the Personality in the search for a spiritual liberation. However, it is important to direct this force in the right direction. Otherwise, the Animal nature spends it on its own needs.

The most important thing is that these primary surges, like bookmarks, leave their imprints on a further life of a person, and are able to influence the choice of the Personality. What will dominate in it, that the Personality will begin to give its attention to.

A new Personality, cognizing the surrounding world, transfers its perception through feelings to the close people: a mother, a father, relatives. These images are fixed in the consciousness, that is why since childhood we have pleasant memories connected with the inner world, with a real, wordless dialogue with God, being in His Love.

However, having matured, a person loses this dialogue through feelings with God and plunges into the illusion of the material world more and more.

Development of the Personality at the stage of growing up.

As growing up, the Personality begins to choose in favor of the Animal nature more often. But the Soul does not stop “knocking” and gives signals. That is why the events take place in life that call on a person to return to the Dialogue with God.

If a person hears this call and restores inner communication through the deepest feelings, he or she begins to realize the limitation of the material world and understands that even the most difficult life situations occur only to return him or her to the Spiritual path. But the choice always rests with the Personality.


Choice of the Personality

The Personality, located in the detached top of the pyramidal energy structure, receives the power of Allat, the power of creation from the Soul through the septon channel, which was formerly called the Silver thread. However, the power of Allat passes also through the consciousness, which, in turn, instantly forms its request in order to seize this power for its own needs. But it is important to understand that only the Personality disposes of the power of attention, the consciousness can only offer and distract it.

Let us consider this process in details:

  • Primary information exchange occurs at the level of the first dimension. The person does not see what is happening and does not notice how, thanks to the ezoosmos, information flows through the information building blocks. That is, even if a person does not move, at this time the information exchange takes place, in fact, it is his or her life. And even if a person does not understand and does not realize these processes, the changes occur all the time any way.
  • When making a choice, the Personality activates the process of obtaining the information in the second dimension and, concentrating its attention on something, begins to live by it in the third dimension. In such a case, the flow of information manifests itself in the form of emotions, desires, images, thoughts.
  • The higher the dimension is, the more serious changes the Personality can provoke when making a choice.

Personal choice plays a huge role in the life of a human. Thoughts are always dominated by what the Personality is not indifferent to. A human being should monitor the situation in himself more often, what he thinks about and ask himself, what does he choose here and now: the suffering of this world or the Eternity for himself and the Soul? After all, the most important thing in life is the salvation of the Soul.

From the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh

Exclusively the Personality has the power of attention and only the Personality is able to dispose of it. And subpersonality is the same energy-information clot as the Personality but which does not have the right of choice.

How to separate the Personality from the consciousness and the body?

In order the Personality can make a conscious choice, it has, in the first place, to separate itself from the body and the consciousness and realize itself as the Personality – a part of the Holy Spirit.

  1. The body – if a person was a body, he or she would have to control all the processes taking place in it. However, the body is controlled by the brain, due to which it functions autonomously, without the constant intervention of the Personality in the life processes. The Personality is the master of the brain and the body, and has much greater potential than they do.
  2. Consciousness – is, in fact, a set of information that has a field structure and consists of septons. It can only operate with the categories that are put in it. But why then does the Personality associate itself with the consciousness? The Personality is a child who, until he or she begins to develop, is not able to take responsibility for what is happening and consciousness makes use of it.

How does the consciousness function, and where do “stereotypes” come from?

A person living in a modern society, develops at the level of consciousness at a greater extent. And the consciousness is, in its turn, an instrument of cognition of the surrounding world, communication with other people. In fact, the consciousness develops through comparison – the mechanism of learning.

A child starts to perceive new information, constantly comparing it with the previous experience, thanks to this process he or she learns faster. Based on this, the stereotypes are formed – the habits of acting in definite situations in a certain way. The lack of knowledge about the Soul, the spiritual experience leads to the fact that a person sees only the material world, he or she has nothing to compare with, because there is practically no experience of contact with the spiritual world.

Consciousness functions in a stereotyped way, that’s why in each person it functions alike. But in order the Personality not to notice the substitutions and not to be able to distinguish the living from the dead, the consciousness, trying to convince the Personality, is playing out the entire performances. In these moments it becomes both a stage and actors simultaneously, which the Personality also watches. Sometimes the attention of the Personality from the Soul is distracted only by one “actor”, who is reading monologues for hours, comparing, convicting, teaching or scolding. In other cases, several “actors” are included in the game, who perform the entire scenes, assigning the role of the viewer to the Personality, telling it where and how it should pay attention at the moment. The system of the Animal mind is engaged in directing these performances, and consciousness constitutes a part of it.

But only the Personality possesses the power of Attention and is able to overcome the attempts of the consciousness to enslave it. As soon as the Personality begins to realize itself, to develop and pay its attention to the Soul, and not to the “mummery of actors in the head” – it begins to mature spiritually. The Personality is filled with the power and ultimately reveals in front of the Spiritual world in Love and sincerity – merges with the Soul and a new spiritual being is born.

In order to realize oneself as the Personality, it is necessary to study the own consciousness and constantly be on the alert, watching what is happening in the thoughts, not concentrating on any thought or an image. Soon, the Personality will begin to notice that its goal which is to unite with the Soul – differs from what is happening in the consciousness.


What does the Personality possess?

The Personality, in fact, does not possess anything: no will, no thoughts, no emotions. The only thing it has – is Freedom – the freedom of choice, where to put the attention. What is Freedom? The Personality having cognized itself as a part of the Holy Spirit is not afraid of anything, wants nothing, is free from the fetters of the material world. If a person takes the spiritual path, he defends his choice, and also helps other people to gain this understanding.


Spiritual transformation of the Personality.

The Animal nature lulls the Personality with various illusions, enveloping its consciousness with a dense, misty veil of the material existence. Only the personal spiritual growth can dissipate this fog when he or she, thanks to the acquired experience, begins to understand what the true reality is.

From the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh

The spiritual practices are the tools that contribute to the restoration and improvement of the Dialogue with God,  perception through feelings, creating conditions for the merging of the Personality with the Soul.

During the Spiritual practices the Personality begins to cognize a completely different world, to realize that it is a part of this world. That is exactly why a person during the spiritual practices experiences the feelings of Love, omniscience and understanding of everything. This is the work of the Front aspect and the manifestation of Allat’s powers, which restore the connection of the Personality with the Soul.

The more a person works on himself the more the Personality merges with the Soul and becomes a pure conductor of the Will of God.

Feelings cannot be directed one way only. They should be mutual. And, in this case, the boundless world represents a unit. And your Personality represents a unit. And, when the two units strive towards each other, the Gate opens wide. Is this so difficult?

And note: that world of which we are now speaking, is always placid, always happy, and always open to any Personality. It’s the Personality who blocks himself or herself from It with crooked mirrors of the septon field.

From the programme “The Meaning of Life: Immortality”

It is necessary to take responsibility for the own choice and do everything to find true Freedom and merge with the Soul.


What happens to the Personality during Spiritual practices?

During such deep meditations, the Personality feels that world and the processes which have no analogues in the material world. This is why that world (the world of God, the world of the Soul) cannot be described in words, it can only be felt. In such a deep meditative state, one begins to understand and feel what true Freedom is, he becomes internally independent from the patterns and purposes of the Animal nature and of the aggressive influence of the surrounding material world. He becomes stronger spiritually and begins to realise that this material world is not his home world, that it is an aggressive and dangerous environment for his Soul. But of course, all this happens only when a person performs spiritual practices in a responsible way, when he systematically monitors his Animal nature, controls his thoughts, does good things in the outside world, that is when he is thoroughly engaged in developing himself internally and in accumulating the baggage of good deeds, thoughts and feelings. But as a rule, there are only a few such people.

From the book “AllatRa” by Anastasya Novykh

The Personality begins to develop fully only when a person performs spiritual practices on a regular basis, controls thoughts, observes the functioning of consciousness and does real good deeds.

Spiritual practice is not necessarily sitting there in a lotus position, or in some other complicated one, somewhere on top of a mountain and chanting some kind of mantra and waiting for the manna of heaven to fall down. Spiritual practice, is performed in any place, always and everywhere. It must be carried out everywhere and always. This is a perception of the Spiritual world through the deepest feelings. It is a concentration of the Personality’s power of attention on that good, on that infinite that is inside of a human, that is, on the Spiritual world, on the very Source of Life. And any person can feel it. Anyone can find it.

Everything is simple. When you came in touch with it, the more you put the attention, the closer to it you become. That is, you redistribute this power, the power of Life, just to acquire this Life. And, of course, there is a reverse response, well, then happens what happens.

From the programme “Impending cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of Humanity. The Truth is one for everyone.”

What will happen when the Personality merges with the Soul?

Having this connection the Personality is still, a little bit separated. And this connection with the spiritual world is very subtle, and it expands as the Personality begins to invest these forces in the feedback. This very feedback brings closer, and with each day, with each new investment of forces, so to say, a new effort, if it is maintained all the time – this connection is getting intense. And the Spiritual world reveals itself more and more. And in one fine moment, when the Personality is almost ready to merge with the Soul, the Holy Spirit always comes to help. Because the call is coming. Well, He already helps here. And He regenerates Life. Meaning, He creates an Angel. He takes part in it. God creates, I will say more correctly, and He – takes part. But it’s also pleasant for Him. What could be more pleasant?

From the programme “Unity”

There is a particle of God in a human – the Soul. And its enslavement in matter is the great plan of the One Who has created everything, because there would be no sense in creating something without observing it. For God, in the first place, the one is valuable who has found the way Home and returned to Him. But the right to choose always rests with a human being. If the Personality develops spiritually, it merges with the Soul and becomes the Observer from the Spiritual nature, who, like its Creator, can change a lot in the material world – not only his or her life, but also the life of the people around, and also of the entire planet as a whole.

Buddha, for example. No one gave it to him, he searched for a long time, in fact, he spent around six years on what he was looking for, where there was something that led to infinity, there was something where the truth was. Well, simply put, he was looking for the truth. He was in many places, not finding it in the end, he came in touch at the last moment, when he lost his energy, he was exhausted by yoga, and by various activities … And he did not even have enough strength to cross the river. And already dying, parting with the body, the Spirit descended upon him. That is, he started not by the  consciousness, but by the Personality to perceive this world. And he became stronger. And the Spirit strengthened him. The one who by his or her Personality invests Allat’s powers in the strengthening of the Spirit, he or she becomes a Spirit. It’s simple.

From the programme “Unity”

The article is written based on the materials from the books:

Anastasia Novykh “AllatRa

Written by Olga Chernaya

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