Freedom from Beast’s Dictatorship within Yourself

What is True Love? Why people are ashamed to speak about God?

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Tatiana: Hello, dear friends!

Igor Mikhailovich: Greetings!

Zhanna: Greetings!

Tatiana: We’d like to start with such an event that has taken place only recently – it’s the release of  THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN programme. This programme is actually the result of social research of people who had heard the primordial Knowledge conveyed by Igor Mikhailovich in the programmes, those keys which had been given in the programmes, and just got inspired with this idea, united in order to find in various religions that universal Grain, which unites all people.

Igor Mikhailovich: And THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN programme is valuable precisely for the fact that it has shown that the majority of people were talking about the Universal Grain which is inside of them. Beginning with scientists and down to ordinary people, even to representatives of religion, people were talking about what they have inside.

Tatiana: Yes.

Igor Mikhailovich: Religion is a collection of traditions and numerous rules in fact. How things should be done, what is needed – it’s for helping a seeker. This is good, wonderful. But the True Grain – it is inside of everyone. It’s impossible to write it down on paper. On paper we write down only symbols and signs. We won’t write about that Truth which is actually within. It’s impossible to describe it, but it is possible to feel it.

What is True Love?

Tatiana: And it’s been also very remarkable that people, totally regardless of their nationalities, of their, again, religious affiliation or no affiliation at all, absolutely all of them feel that there’s Love which is beyond human love, that major Love – Love for God.

Igor Mikhailovich: This video… What makes this video so valuable? Because it has shown that, after all, a majority of people, a prevailing majority, they do feel this. They do feel that there’s God. Everyone calls Him differently. The most interesting thing is that even a person who calls himself an atheist, he says, “But I do feel, I know.” And that says a lot. They feel that there’s something. They don’t know how to call Him. Yet, is there any difference in how one calls Him? Everyone calls Him differently. But we speak of the same. That’s what is valuable. It’s valuable because people are uniting. It shows that it is possible. And that’s what is needed. That’s what is interesting.

Tatiana: Moreover, this video as if has clearly shown how big is the number of people in general who are already free, so to say, inside, because…

Igor Mikhailovich: They are not free. They feel that it’s possible. But if we get to the root, then people are seeking this freedom, they are striving for it. However, consciousness, just like the system, it does everything so that people wouldn’t gain this freedom.

Zhanna: This video, it is also good because it inspires with examples.

Igor Mikhailovich: It really inspires.

Zhanna: It really does.

Igor Mikhailovich: That’s true.

Zhanna: After watching it, there’s a desire to just do something.

Igor Mikhailovich: And, you know, it has also shown the importance. Once, in the programmes we’ve raised a topic that people are ashamed to speak about the Soul, people are ashamed to speak about God.

Zhanna: This is not customary.

Igor Mikhailovich: It’s not customary. But it’s not customary for whom?

Tatiana: This has been imposed.

Why people are ashamed to speak about God? Who are Rhapsodes?

Igor Mikhailovich: It’s like in the previous programme about Atlantis, right, remember? There it was told about rhapsodes. These are, let’s say, people who are paid to impose a certain opinion on public consciousness. Thus, these rhapsodes have imposed on the last generations that one shouldn’t talk about the Soul. You can talk about whoever you like: about any perversions, about murders, about death. This is customary, people like this.

But who likes? Human consciousness does. And all this was imposed and continues to be imposed very actively. But it’s not customary to talk about Love, about God, about peace, about something good, about that which really comes from the Soul. And let’s look at cinematography. What do we see? These blockbusters and everything else.

Tatiana: Emotions. Simply pumping of some emotions.

Igor Mikhailovich: Absolute emotion, absolute violence, everywhere there is evil and some hero who himself…

Zhanna: Defeats the evil, though using the same methods…

Igor Mikhailovich: …using the same methods. And he himself is often that very evil. In fact, today there are many movies where a serial killer is fighting a certain evil, and it happens so that, willingly or unwillingly, we sort of take the side of this killer and worry about him. There are indeed a lot of such movies. And what happens? We accept it.

Tatiana: That is, a person copies this pattern of behaviour.

Igor Mikhailovich: That is absolutely right. And so the videos about ATLANTIS and THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN, they precisely show and complement each other. They reveal that truth and show that people are, after all, alive, that people understand, feel and know a lot.

Who controls a human? The Angel or a demon?

Igor Mikhailovich: If we take the ATLANTIS video, it shows the essence and the reason why, let’s say, it went that way, and when humanity stopped being humanity.

Well, I’ll make it even more simple. A human being is dual, right? One part of the human – it is the Angelic part, another part – it is the animal part. This was told about long ago, and it is, let’s say, a well-known fact. And so, the question is just critical here “Who should dominate: should the Angel control the beast, or should the beast control the Angel?” On this depends the vector of development and the future of humanity itself.

When the beast controls the Angel, when the Angel at this time, excuse me, is like a plucked chicken, squeezed into a corner, terrified of the wild dog that constantly bites it. And that’s how people feel in reality. They are afraid to even think about God, and they treat God only as consumers, and so on.

Why? Because the beast dominates. And when the human Angel – that Personality who is a person in reality, is in the state of being plucked, torn, bitten by this mad dog, in such a depressed state in the corner, then what spirituality can we talk about? And what future of this humanity can we talk about?

Well, if we put everything aside, we are outside of politics, outside of religion, it doesn’t concern us as a movement, but as any citizen (we live in the society, we exist in it), and if we look at the world impartially, what shall we see? We will see constant conflicts, wars, economic wars, real wars – this is what is happening now, when young people are dying. Well…

Zhanna: Struggle and confrontation.

Igor Mikhailovich: Struggle and confrontation is anywhere and everywhere. Isn’t that so? This is happening all over the world. Can we call this a civilized developed society? And what will happen to this society? I think that any reasonable person himself understands that, after all, the end is clear. And the one who has inner eyes, the one who has inner hearing, he understands and knows everything himself.

Whereas those who live under the dictation of those very rhapsodes, they don’t need it, it’s all the same. And so, if it would be different – when the Angel is holding on a tight leash this rabid dog, which is the animal part of a human (it is insatiable), and is controlling it, and this rabid dog is tame and, let’s say, is doing everything what’s necessary, then humanity will also change.

And you know what’s the most remarkable? That THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN video has shown that it is still possible. Despite all the efforts of those who are described in the ATLANTIS video (I will carefully go around this), it is possible. If people want and choose, let’s say, Life instead of death and Love instead of suffering. Well, it all depends on people, on their choice.

If people want to live in peace, in happiness, in love and to be truly free, then no one hampers them. They can join hands and make friends with everyone. And it will happen.

But if people are satisfied with living in problems, under the dictation of consciousness, always in sorrows, in problems, in struggle, in confrontation, in fear, and to exist, not to Live, and a very short period of time – it is their choice.

And this is, let’s say, the most wonderful thing that God has given us. God has given us the right of choice. People say “human will” and the like. Well, let’s put it so, human will is nothing but the right of choice. What he has chosen is what will happen. This also applies to the entire humanity: to an individual as well as to the whole society. What we have chosen is what we’ve got.

Zhanna: I’ll also add about the fact that THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN video has shown… Here you have said such very kind words. They echo inside with deep feelings and an understanding that really a lot of good things are happening in the world today. And people are united by this inner idea of ​​kindness, happiness, love. And this is so inspiring that you realise that in fact people want peace, in fact people want happiness. And in fact they are already experiencing it, right?


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