Science in a Creative Society

What steps can we take to change our society? K. Siddhartha

K. Siddhartha is a strategic thinker, Geostrategist,  Consultant for Knowledge and Perception Management, International Government agencies advisor, mentor, educationist, author and Earth Scientist. He has taught Earth Sciences for over 20 years, mentored students for over 15 years, and author of 42 books. Also, he is International Speaker, and Media Personality.
In the interview we’ve touched upon such topics:

  • How to combine Science with social activities?
  • How can we create conditions towards assessing new sustainable concepts and perspectives towards nature in the changing world?
  • What is the key to cooperation between governments and which role it plays in the unity of people?
  • How to inculcate morality, ethics, empathy in this world?

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