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What substitutions the Animal mind creates?

Suffice it to take a look at the world around us: what substitutions the Animal mind creates for those who seem to want to move in the direction of spiritual self-perfection, while at the same time wishing material things. For the most part, these people are unstable in their intention and their spiritual impulses are easily redirected into the channel of material interests. Note what such people seek in their everyday lives and what they pay attention to, assigning to it the status of top priority in their day? Some are preoccupied with strengthening their personal influence on people, asserting their own significance, profiting from spiritual knowledge; others are busy with cleansing their bodies, arguing themselves hoarse about vegetarianism; still others are focused on losing weight or practicing different “health improvement” systems with selfish ambitions and empty inner content. Some people cling to sects or religious movements, once again delighting their ears with false promises of resurrection in their beloved bodies. Others meditate, attracting wealth, luck, happiness, and health. Some, because of the domination of the Animal nature and out of foolishness, begin to consider themselves “enlightened” and competent in many “spiritual matters”, to combine different meditation techniques they know, mixing the sinful with the righteous. And what is the basis of all this? Pride and affirmation of personal significance in the three-dimensional world, a secret desire of power over someone.

Anastasia: Yes, substitutions today take place on a global scale. Suffice it to look at what particular psycho-techniques are being promoted in society and popularised by the world media in order to verify this personally. After all, these are mostly the usual methods of Archons, so to say, “meditations” for the masses to attract material benefits.

Rigden: The sad thing is that most people do not even ask themselves why is it that such a material trend is being cultivated. Why is no money being spared to promote such ideas, buying the necessary “expert” opinions of globally known people? Why do these ideas pivot on pleasing one’s beloved body and creating comfort around oneself and the egoistic little world of a self-lover?

The answer is simple: so that a person would imitate this behaviour and spend time and energy of his life on, roughly speaking, a tastier banana, and at the same time so that his hair is glossy and shining. However, like in any deception, nobody explains what consequences await the person later, after he has wasted his life like a silly monkey on the search of a tasty banana, and his beloved body will simply die, just like any animal. But he as a Personality will not escape from his sufferings and will have to pay too high a price for the wasted life.

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

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