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What did the Prophets dream of at different times? Of life in Love and equality, in peace and justice – of the Creative and the Ideal Society. What universal Truth did they bring to this world? How did the Prophets envision the world of the future? What were their predictions of the End Times? What did the Prophet Muhammad dream of and ask for in prayer? What did Jesus Christ command?

Power or Love: what did the prophets bequeath? How was the Truth distorted? Why do people betray God and their prophets? The truth about the weaknesses of people and priests. Religion as an organization. Religious alibis. A tool to control people. Why are there contradictions in the Holy Scriptures? How does the distortion of truth and transformation of Knowledge take place to please pridefulness and selfishness?

Whom does power belong to in this world? Who do we pray to, and who do we actually serve? How to eradicate weaknesses in ourselves? Why do people play religion, play life, but not live?

What is life? What does it mean to take responsibility? What is the value of human life? What is the service to God? What is high society? God’s Love that leads to Life.

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