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What unites all the Pyramids of the World and Kailash?

Hundreds of pyramids and pyramidal mountain complexes have been discovered all over the world. These are huge megalithic structures with surprisingly accurate orientation to the cardinal points. It is obvious that all of them are built according to some grand plan.

  • What was this huge complex designed and built for?
  • What role is assigned to Mount Kailash in it?
  • How can pyramids be activated? What is needed for that?
  • About the Egyptian pyramids, about Imhotep, during whose time they were built.
  • About the relation between the pyramids and the human energy structure. 

Excerpt from the video “Climate. The Future is Now” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, who gives answers to many key questions related to the pyramids and Mount Kailash.

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