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WHAT’S WITH THE CLIMATE? The ruthless typhoon Surigae. Hail in Saudi Arabia. Rare climatic events

What is happening to the climate on the planet? Probably everyone has already asked this question. But did you get an answer to it? Climatic cataclysms, growing every year, are a consequence of global astronomical processes that directly affect the geology of our planet, and this is not an anthropogenic factor, which, unfortunately, has been misleading the world community for many years. But the question arises, if we are not able to influence these processes, then what can we do?

Having united, people can do a lot, including overcoming the consequences of climatic disasters. And this process is actively going on now. At the international online conference “Creative Society. What the prophets dreamed of” the request of the world community to unite and change the consumer format of life to a creative one was openly voiced.

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  • Synchronization of natural disasters is observed more often. On April 18, 2021, a number of strong earthquakes occurred in different parts of the planet.
  • The first and already record super typhoon was formed in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. Typhoon Surigae reached extreme intensity on April 17, and this has become the earliest date of the year in the Northern Hemisphere in decades for such events. It brought disastrous rainfall to the Philippines and the islands of Micronesia.
  • In mid-April 2021, residents of Tatarstan observed an unusual natural phenomenon – the so-called “ice tsunami”. The blocks of ice came ashore with such force that they swept away stones and branches on their way and crashed small trees. On April 22, residents of Khabarovsk already witnessed an ice drift on the Amur River.

Building the Creative Society in which the life of every person is valuable is, without exaggeration, the only way out for all of us. Because all the forces of society will be aimed at creating such conditions where safety is guaranteed for every person.

“International conference “Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of“, March 20th, 2021

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