“When in Rome, do as the Roman do.” And is it mine and who am I?

There is a saying: “When in Rome, do as the Roman do.” Previously, it seemed very good to me, and I often applied it in my life. Recently, I recalled twice about it. These were situations in opposite variants: I joined one group and I was asked to put my order there, but I did not do it; and in another community where I belong for a long time, new people have come and just from the very first moment started telling to everyone what should they do. Of course my mind reacted to all of this.

I always try to treat others the way I would like them to treat me. But what I do not really need is to influence the choice of other people: the person decides how to act, and how to treat me or whomsoever. And at a time when another does not treat me the way I did (and I already have the expectation that since I did good, then other should reciprocate), then, when expectations do not come true, you can only choose your reaction to his deed. After all, the way they treated me seems dishonest and unfair. But to whom is “me” at this moment? And who am I? There is an understanding that everyone makes his choice, for which he will later be responsible.

If I succumb to the thought that the act is dishonest and unfair, then I believe what consciousness says, its egotism and self-centeredness … But in fact there is never anything good appears in the mind, it tries to make some external enemy out of everything, create a thousand tensions and be always ready to attack and / or exist inseparably from fear … And I? Who am I, and where am I at these moments?

After all, I’m real – I am Personality, which is the light emanating from the portal of the Soul – that is, the Light of God. And it is precisely the Personality that has the right to choose thoughts, states, reactions, the even the possibility of choosing life or death!

After all, you can choose Love in every moment and come to Life, and you can choose emotions and a bunch of thoughts imposed by the system in the stream of consciousness. All this is offered by the system, but the one who decides to accept or not to accept – only Personality.

No matter how that other person behaves, he believes that it is so right and, maybe, he thinks that it is so honest … Everyone has his own rightness, but the truth is one for all.

And at one of those moments I realized that I had surrendered to the desire to control the pride, and to observe “my charter in my monastery.” But after all, nothing belongs to us in this world, and thank God!

And I only have to be responsible for my actions and reactions. So do I need this other person and control him? Do I need this “monastery”, “charter”, and “compliance with others” of this charter? Or do I just need Love, Life in Love, a constant and inseparable connection with God, with the closest? Then in any person, no matter how the consciousness resists, one can see a part of the same one God, see chaff, efforts and aspirations for this same God … Simply everyone goes their own way, and no one is better or worse. Everyone is given his circumstances, and they are the best for this person at the moment, so that he can make his choice.

Tatyana: … But if you leave the point of narrowing of consciousness, then you already see globally a situation in which there is no place for your pride. And the situation is that you understand how the system generally acts as a pattern in the centuries. It is in this way, through human desires imposed by pride, through the desire of power, it penetrates Teachings, into that which is one from the Spiritual World. And the system divides all this, divides the single into plural and turns into currents under its control, religions with their authorities, with their commas and all the same thirst for power. That’s how You said that everything is fractally repeated.

So, what’s the difference, what kind of people do this ?! They just at the moment serve the whims of their consciousness, and therefore they fulfill the will of the system. But where are you at this moment? The system today has some guides, tomorrow others, those who really crave power and call themselves, for example, saints (in any case, they really want people to think of them as such). But globally, the essence is not in specific people, but in the system, in how it works.

And knowing about this, you already understand and pay attention to your own consciousness, your reactions. Are you in the outer? In the conflict? In disengagement? Does consciousness draw the next enemy? Or do you feel the Truth, see the global manifestations of the system and do not give in to its provocation? So you ask yourself a question – who do you serve right now? Where is your attention now? Do you feel the Spiritual world in yourself? What are you now cultivating in yourself?


So I was in a narrowed state of consciousness, and under its power, in other words I was as a slave. And only when I was able to calm down, I could recall and feel that I was a Personality, and I do not need this whole theater.

Whatever the proverb about the monastery and its charter, if a visitor does not obey to this very charter, this does not mean that he is wrong or that he is bad. Also this does not mean that the monastery or charter is bad, it does not mean anything at all. When I threw aside the superficial and chose Love in every moment, only then I could understand that it was a lesson to me. Only due to the help of the Spiritual World I was able to return to the state of Love and grasp everything. Through the prism of Love, I managed to learn this lesson. And if I, Personality, had not woken up, a thousand more people would have come to “my” monastery, to violate “my charter”. And when I, as a Personality, in Love, in constant contact with God, and when My Choice is final, it does not matter to me which place to be. To me, no one will come to disturb something mine, because nothing is mine! In the World of God, we are all one, and whoever I meet on my path, everyone carries a part of Him in themselves, even if they do not know about it. And my task is to show by my example that in everyone there is a particle of God, and that everyone can Live in Eternal Love.

People who wish to follow the spiritual path should not waste time waiting for someone to come one day and sincerely love them. They should learn how to unfold Love inside themselves – Love for God, for the Soul – and then it will be reflected in the surrounding world, it will let them see people from the perspective of their spiritual beauty. Everything is actually closer than people can imagine.

From the book of Anastasia Novykh “AllatRa

Author: Julia

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